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Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee, spokesperson for BingoVega, an online
 gambling site since 1999 where customers can go to play online games, blackjack, poker & more joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Debbie Lee discuss the following:

  • What are the benefits you get playing at Bingo Vega?
  • Is it true that you offer the best deposit bonuses in the market?
  • I heard that you have a new free room where you can win real money, tell me more about it please
  • Describe your journey that led to the success of Bingo Vega.
  • What differentiates Bingo Vega from other companies and why would our audience be interested in Bingo Vega?

Duration: 9:49

Debbie Lee is a happy southern girl! She is a proud grandma who loves cooking, garage sales, sewing, knitting and of course… playing bingo!

Her husband Harry loves to BBQ and together they go to Estate sales and auctions in the hopes of finding a nice antique treasure.  If there is Karaoke, you can be sure to find them there.  They love animals and have 2 fat lazy cats named Lucky and Happy.  They also have a golden lab dog named Bingo, 2 love birds and some gold fish that they won at the county fair.

When her children moved north, they gave her a computer for Mother’s Day so she could play online bingo and video chat with them. Although she is not computer savvy and has trouble with her computer (thank goodness her grandchildren are a phone call away), she loves how it connects her to her family and to online bingo.

Debbie Lee considers the players and the CM’s her “online family” because of the special connection she feels for them! While playing bingo online, she loves sipping a margarita, listening to country music and chatting with her online friends. She has hosted BBQ parties at her home and has invited her “online family” to them.  She has enjoyed their company and can’t wait for the next one.

Her beloved grandma taught her how to bake and how to make quilts. Her pies and quilts have won her some Blue ribbons.  Her first time playing bingo she went with her mother and grandmother. Even though she did not win that first time, she was hooked and has been playing bingo ever since!  She is looking forward to attending bingo with her grandchildren!


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