Better Body Expert Fitness Solutions with Andre Farnell

Better Body Expert Fitness Solutions with Andre Farnell

Andre Farnell is a health and fitness expert, personal trainer and ambassador of fitness with 17 years of exercise experience, personal training and sports nutrition expertise.  As the creator of “The Better Body Method™“, he has worked with athletes, celebrities, US Army troops, to corporate executives and regular people across the nation. His passion and specialty is working with busy workaholics. People who are driven and successful in all other areas of life but have yet to really apply their work ethic to their own health and fitness. Over the years he has honed mental training tools and unique physical exercise Programming into the Better Body Method™ to give lasting and transformational results!

Andre has earned a BS in Exercise Physiology & Adult Fitness & has also worked in corporate health and wellness for 10 years.  He is currently certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the NSCA and is also certified as a Health and Fitness Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine. Andre has invented the “Multi Sided Display Card” aka “Better Body In A Box”.  He is a contributing writer for fitness publications; blogs featured on MTV and is also a contributing writer for

Andre is the owner of Better Body Expert LLC a fitness solutions company that specializes in incorporating fitness into the lives of workaholics.  Right now fitness health and nutrition is playing the background in many peoples’ lives and low on the priority list.  Andre is working towards creating the day when fitness is a fore thought and not an afterthought.  He is a lover of expanded life for all humans. He is currently writing his first book “Your Better Body Forever…You had it, you Lost it Now Take it Back! Andre’s Philosophy is that in todays’ society  “If you don’t have time to exercise then… you don’t have time to Live!”


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