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Best way to lose weight and improve your health with busy lifestyle

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Best way to lose weight and improve your health with busy lifestyle

with Dr. Dan Giuglianotti

Dr. Dan Giuglianotti a Physician, as well as a Certified Health Fitness Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio.  He focuses on providing quick, actionable and simple ways to help others improve their health and wellness despite a busy lifestyle.

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Dr. Dan Giuglianotti is a Family Medicine trained physician from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ).  Among other things, he currently works in primary care medicine, just outside Philadelphia, PA.  During his residency he also received extra training to become a Certified Health Fitness Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine.

This extra training allowed him to pursue his passion of helping others adopt a healthy lifestyle, so that they can live a better life.  He believes that an unhealthy lifestyle leads to many of the chronic diseases burdening our society today.  He specializes in providing practical and innovative ways to incorporate easy changes in your life that help you lose fat, become healthier, and happier.  He teaches that it does not need to be hard or difficult. It’s the simple easy changes you continue to make that are the most powerful.

He is the founder of multiple business including his newest,   While in medical school, at the age of 23, he created a successful business designing, producing, and distributing specialized water sports equipment.  With no startup capital, he successfully and quickly grew the business which produced sales across the entire U.S., Canada, Caribbean, and Europe.  He certainly understands the stresses that business owners, entrepreneurs, and busy professionals face. is based on his strongest passion.  Here he produces free videos on how to incorporate quick and easy changes into your life to improve health.  He uses this platform to introduce a holistic and natural approach to health and wellness.  The body and mind naturally fights big changes, and hard work, so that’s why he focuses on delivering quick, actionable, and easy improvements that anyone can make.

On a personal level Dr. Giuglianotti speaks from experience, having lost 30 pounds himself.  As a hobby, he is a also an avid waterman, and sponsored kitesurfer. He lets his passions guide him, and helps others around the world, live a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Dan Giuglianotti discuss the following:

  • Best way to lose weight and improve your health, especially if you have a busy lifestyle.
  • What are some specific, actionable tips for our busy listeners to stay in shape?

=>  Write down what you want as far as your health, or weight loss goes – Make it a goal, and why you want it.  Be specific about it. And make sure to write it down. Why you want it is just as important what it is.  Use the S.M.A.R.T acronym.


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