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To ensure that the profits take off this year, you will need more than a strong marketing team. You want optimal efficiency, eye-catching reports, and intelligent strategic research that do not simply dump data in your lap – but rather provide you with the information necessary to operate on the data. 

The Salesforce AppExchange hosts more than three thousand apps and these apps have been developed to makes the business process fast and accurate. Our salesforce experts can help you choose the right tools for your business. Our Salesforce Implementation professionals can help you throughout the process of implementing them to carry forward your business.

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Salesforce has accelerated its growth this year, beginning with the announcement that “the 9-to-5 workday is gone” due to its revolutionary commitment to promoting remote work. Below are some of the best Salesforce apps.


E-signature and record management are two standout features. On the Salesforce AppExchange, DocuSign is the most common electronic signature application. It enables you to generate and submit signature-required documentation directly from Salesforce, as well as lead signers through the signing phase. With Lightning integration, you can automate activities, log status, and instantly store agreements to the original record.

Its straightforward interface, which adapts to any gadget you’re using, allows it very simple to use for both you and your clients.


Highlighted feature: Excellent for removing duplicate details. Admins are aware that duplicate documents are one of the most vexing issues of Salesforce results. This app makes it simple to locate duplicates inside your documents while still allowing you the most consistency and power over subsequent behavior. 

Among other functions, you can create an infinite number of filters with different matching types manually, in bulk, or automatically combine duplicates, check mailing addresses, and incorporate geocodes.

  • Circus Insights

Excellent Gmail incorporation is a standout function.

Do you waste an inordinate amount of time in your inbox? Cirrus Insight eliminates the need to alternate between Salesforce and Gmail. This software enables you to browse, build, and upgrade leads, contacts, and cases directly from Gmail, regardless of whether you’re using Google Apps Standard or Enterprise. Develop leads and activities quickly and easily, as well as merge contacts and calendars.

Additionally, it enhances the versatility of your inbox by adding email scheduling, monitoring, and follow-up reminders.

  • CONGA Composer

Congo Composer creates rich and technical documentation in a matter of seconds. Producing presentations or monthly reports may be a lengthy process. Conga Composer enables you to generate documents such as presentations, records, contracts, and policy documents with a single click. 

You may tailor them for markets using various tools, including PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF. This will be a one-stop-shop for automating the workflow procedures and saving time.


User adoption numbers are a standout feature. High-performing teams are those who make the most use of their organization’s resources. Utilizing the CRM framework to its maximum potential may be a critical differentiator between high- and low-performing sales and marketing departments.

Salesforce Acceptance Dashboards allow you to monitor your team’s platform adoption by displaying pertinent user login history and key feature adoption. It would help determine what is working well and what should be improved if you examined consumption figures. It’s straightforward to use and offers all of the detail you need at a glance, thanks to big icons and intuitive toggles.

  • CONGA Grid

Allows for much quicker data editing/management. Conga Grid enables easier data management by enabling you to modify documents and visualize them as an Excel-like grid, hopping from line to line, rather than repeatedly scrolling through Salesforce records to access and correct data.

You will save much time by simplifying the navigation and management of data, which results in improved documents, increased efficiency, and increased insight.


Geolocation features combined with Google Maps are a standout function. This geolocation software enables you to tap into the spatial facets of their data to increase efficiency and streamline processes. Geopointe is compatible with Google Maps and works in conjunction with Salesforce tools, enabling you to add several layers to the maps. Create heat maps and travel directions, among other things.

  • QUIP

QUIP collection of integrations for team coordination. Though this product is not officially available on the AppExchange, it is one of the strongest (if not THE best) team engagement solutions for Salesforce. Quip integrates document development and editing with talk and commenting functionality to allow teams to collaborate on initiatives as they are in progress.

This platform allows teams to collaborate in real-time to generate and review documents, and user-controlled alerts keep team members informed about any messages or mentions.

It is compatible with desktop and native smartphone applications and has offline features, allowing users to operate on the go.

Final Remarks

It is important to keep in mind that, while all of these applications and plugins can do the heavy lifting for you, they are not a replacement for overall sound sales and customer care activities. The best Salesforce plugins and applications may not substitute the jobs and expertise you currently have. It will help you boost sales, earnings, and client connections.

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