Best Online Business Ideas During Pandemic

The Coronavirus has been a large problem for businesses in the recent past, and its impact on them just never seems to end. But now that it’s worse than ever before, we all know what needs to be done: stay afloat! The following list of COVID 19 business ideas will help you do so when your own personal enterprise is impacted by this pandemic virus.

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Best Pandemic Business Ideas


Dropshipping is an excellent way to make money during a pandemic. In fact, it’s probably one of the easiest and most profitable ways there are! Unlike conventional retail, you don’t need to keep any inventory – instead, just negotiate with buyers and suppliers will ship products directly to them for you!

The world of dropshipping is thriving, with more and more people discovering their entrepreneurial potential. Sites like Amazon provide the perfect opportunity to create a successful business from home without any upfront costs – in fact you can make money simply by ordering items from your website! It’s the perfect stay at home business.

Virtual consulting

Aside from the unique business concepts, traditional jobs like consulting can also succeed online. Using video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet, one can quickly provide consulting services to almost anyone globally.

Since most countries limit physical interactions currently, one can submit posts or ads through websites or social media platforms to get clients. Whether it’s about financial, legal, or other areas, virtual consulting can work for experienced or non-experienced individuals making this career one of the best online service business ideas.

Selling facemasks

Selling facemasks is one of the easiest online business ideas from home. Aside from sourcing pre-made masks and then reselling them, manufacturing from scratch is also not a great idea. Using a simple sewing machine or crafting by hand, one can turn new or used cloth into masks. Moreover, by painting or putting patches, it can stand out from the rest of the plain and common variants in the market.

After that, one can sell masks to platforms like Facebook Marketplace and Etsy. Since health and safety are the main priorities during the pandemic, crafting and selling masks online can become one of the top online business opportunities.

Online tutoring

Given how most schools transitioned to home virtual classes, tutoring over the Internet became one of the top online businesses. With platforms like Chegg, Skooli, and many more, anyone can start teaching English or any other subject online. Unlike traditional classes, online tutoring is time flexible and typically pays more.

Apart from that, skill-based teaching is also one of the Internet startup ideas that worked and became highly profitable. Currently, platforms like Skillshare and Udemy offer learners almost any topics and courses, resulting in more jobs for experts in different areas.

Writing services

Freelance writing is not only a good business during pandemics since it’s a profitable career path for countless individuals for many years now. Regardless, it’s still a smart business idea for anyone passionate about writing different or specific topics.

Aside from going to job postings or sites like Fiverr, one can also apply to platforms like Contena, Textbroker, and iWriter, where writers only worry about writing and nothing else. Above all, freelance writers can easily earn $20-50 per day depending on the allocated time and completed articles.

Online store

One thing that anyone can learn about successful start up businesses ideas is that hesitation can hinder success. Unlike in the past, where it’s hard to start a business, today, technology and the Internet makes it easier to kickstart an idea. As such, one can easily manufacture, promote, and sell products from a business during this pandemic.

In detail, overseas outsource manufacturing companies can materialize product concepts or designs and turn them into sellable product stock. Moreover, marketing is now easier than ever thanks to sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, where users can sponsor or self-produce ads. Lastly, a business during a pandemic can sell items through 3rd-party platforms or create an e-commerce website that enables contactless processing from shopping to delivery. For building e-commerce website PurpleCow Digital Marketing can help you.

Creative services

Offering creative talent services is one of the low investment high profit business ideas during pandemics. If one already owns a computer, a drawing device, and the software programs required, then there’s no need to spend on anything.

Any of the creative services like video editing, art commissioning, photography, and frontend designs is a good business to start this pandemic. On websites like Upwork and Fiverr, creators can post their portfolios or apply to jobs with varying pays. Also, regularly posting works to Twitter and other sites can attract an audience that might turn into future clients.

Affiliate income

Affiliate marketing is an excellent example of business during pandemics where there are no upfront costs or laborious work required. Simply put, it’s a way to earn money by recommending products or services to other people.

If you’re looking for a way to earn money online, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways because it not only pays well but also lets any person with or without experience start earning from their first sale.

However, while affiliate marketing is an easy to begin small business during pandemics, making money from it takes a bit of time and effort. Finally, one can endorse affiliate sponsorships through YouTube videos, web article links, website comments, and direct recommendations.

Start An Online Business During Pandemic

After reading the best business ideas above, you likely already have a plan for pandemic success. If that’s the case, we’re glad we could help!

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