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Best Exercises for At-Home Workouts

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Whether you have a gym membership or not, knowing what exercises to do for an at-home workout is always a great idea. At-home workouts can be perfect if you want to save some money and not have a gym membership, if you have a small child and want to utilize being at home or if you simply feel more comfortable working out in the comfort of your own home even if you are going to do a Tabata workout.

Regardless of your reason, having a to-go at home workout is always a great idea. To have that it’s important to know some great exercises. We wanted to compile a list of great and basic at-home exercises. You can then take your favorite ones and do a small circuit at home and utilize them. Remember, there are lots more that can be found online or at Good luck!


To do this exercise, you will either sit or stand up. You will have your hands shoulder-width apart and your back flat. Have your hands just above your shoulders with the palms up. You can grab weights as light or heavy as you feel appropriate. Make sure that you do not overdo it at the beginning. You will then press up in a straight line. Once your arms come back down above your shoulders that is one rep. This exercise works your shoulders.


You can do this simply with your bodyweight or you can put dumbbells in each hand. Have your feet shoulder width apart and keep your head back and straight up. Sit back into the squat keeping your knees over your toes. If you have dumbbells in your hand, squat down until they are about one inch from the ground. Make sure that you focus on keeping your chest out too. Don’t arch your back or lean forward when you drop. Squats are a great all-around exercise. They primarily build your lower body muscles.


This is another exercise that can be done with dumbbells or simply with body weight. The height you are stepping up to will also vary depending on what you have available and what your fitness level is. Place one of your feet onto a bunch and push through your heel as you lift your entire body up. Step down with your opposite foot and that counts as one rep. Make sure that you do the same number of reps on your right side as your left so that you stay symmetrical. If you are doing this exercise with weights, simply hold the dumbbells in your hands and dangle them on either side of you. This exercise is once again great for working your lower body. If you are new to working out, have a step-up box that is quite low to the ground. As you become more advanced, that box can end up being as high as a 90-degree angle when your leg is on it.


One exercise that works your entire core is the plank. Get into your knees and instead of getting into a push-up position, have your elbow on the ground and balance your body by having your arms on the ground. Press your body up and hold it there without your hips sagging. You can utilize this exercise for as long or short as you can. Although crunches are great, the plank will utilize your entire core meaning that it works your abs as well as your lower back muscles.

Floor Press

Lie down on the floor with a dumbbell in each hand. Bend at the elbow and have your arms in the air. Press from when your elbows touch the ground until your arms are at a full lockout. This exercise is similar to the bench press and works the same muscles, but you don’t have to have as much equipment.

Bench Dips

Sit on a bench and then slowly take your hips off it and place them in front of the bench so you have all of your weights on your arms. Slowly lower your arms until they reach 90-degrees. Using your triceps, lift yourself back to the starting position. You can do this with a bench, but you can also use a chair, the stairs or a table. This works your arms, chest, and shoulders.


When people think of working their abs they are normally thinking of doing a traditional crunch. One of the reasons why this is so popular is because you can do it anywhere – including your own home! That is why we included the crunch on our at-home exercises. You will lay flat on your back with your knees in the air at a 90-degree angle. You will place your hands by your head (try not to use them as extra momentum) and raise your body off the floor a few inches. When you are at the highest peak you can hold that position two seconds to get an extra abdominal blast. You will then return to the starting position of being on your back. This is considered one rep. Remember to try and go slow and controlled. You will get a better workout if you focus on quality rather than quantity.


There are a few different ways to do the lunge. The best way at home is to utilize the lunge in the same place. Start by standing in place with your feet together. Place one foot in front and slowly bend your body by squatting down. You will go directly down. Make sure that your lead foot is not going past your toe. Go back to the starting position with your two feet together and that is one rep. Make sure that you do the same on the other side too so that you say equal. This exercise will use your entire lower body. For a more intense workout, add weights in either hand and dangle them to each side of you.

Jump rope

A jump rope is a great purchase to get your cardio in. If it’s raining out, the jump rope is an inexpensive purchase so that you still are exercising on a regular basis. It’s not just for kids! You can do it as a warm-up, in between exercises to keep your heart rate up or you can do it for a few minutes as a cardio activity. If you are scared you will get whipped too many times, you can always have a pretend jumping rope in your hand and still go through the motions.

If you are unsure of how heavy weights to buy and don’t want to buy the wrong ones, you can also fill up water bottles and use them. If these are way too light, you know you will have to go a little heavier. If they are a good weight but having a dumbbell in your hand would be easier, simply head to a store like Walmart or Dicks and purchase a few dumbbells.

There are so many different exercises to do to work your entire body from the comfort of your own home. You can also purchase a band so add resistance to. If you travel a lot, this is a great way to still get a workout in at your hotel. For more tips on exercises at-home, contact us today!

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