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Balance your Full Time Grind with your Passion Project

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kidioke media

Brian Dwyre, Owner and creator of Kidioke Media LLC, a new children’s sing along book brand that takes licensed timeless songs and incorporates them into an app and karaoke book joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Brian Dwyre discuss the following:

  • So why don’t you tell me how you came up with this and what it does.
  • How did your family feel about the decision to move forward with this idea?
  • Why don’t you tell us some of the moves you’ve made and steps you’ve taken to advance your products and your brand.
  • What’s been the biggest moment so far in your fledgling business?  What’s been the biggest disappointment?
  • Are there any entrepreneurs that you look up to and do you have any advice for people looking to start their own business?

Kidioke Media LLC was started by Brian Dwyre.  He, his wife, and three children are life-long residents of Morris County, NJ. Born from a family of entrepreneurs Brian set out to create something of his own.  Growing up with loving parents and siblings, Brian would take the constructs of his childhood and mimic that with his own children.  As a child his father would sing to him “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor and “Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” by Willie Nelson every night at bedtime.  Those are some of the fondest memories he had with his father and it’s a tradition he wanted to continue. He began singing these songs like his father before him and before long would get requests from his children every night. With three children under the age of four he was constantly asked for two things at bedtime:  Read me a book & sing me a song.  Kidioke Sound Books encompasses both.

After hiring an attorney and countless months of negotiations, the rights were obtained and Kidioke was born.   An app, despite the impersonal touch of using advanced electronics at bedtime was also added so that the changing of the times did not pass Kidioke by.  The app however is one of the company’s crowning achievements.  Animated by a group of freelancers we were able to bringing these songs to life and create a great story to go along with these legendary songs.

Kidioke Media


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