Are Christmas Hampers The New Holiday Trend?

Whether you’re thinking about what to give your friends and family members for Christmas or gift giving for the needy, Christmas hampers are a good choice and they’re particularly trendy right now. Let’s go over what they are and how to make your own as well as buy them. The main idea about giving a gift is to give something that the other person would enjoy and use. This is one of the reasons why hampers are such a great idea for Christmas gifts since you can easily buy ready-made hampers or make one yourself. A customized hamper can truly show how much you care and love that person since you can fill it with all the things you know they love. Alternatively, if you’re giving hampers as gifts for charity, then it’s a great way to give items that needy persons or families truly need over the holidays. You can fill it with both necessary items as well as treats to make the holiday a bit more special for them. I personally like to buy my christmas hampers online since I’m not too well versed in creating my own, but the decision is yours!

First of all, when creating Christmas hampers, it is advisable that at least one or two items be food items such as wine, chocolates, sweets, etc. You can also place lots of non-food items in the hamper such as knitted scarves, gorgeous earrings, lipsticks, etc. Of course, if you’re giving the hamper to a guy, then you can add in a sweater, male hand bands, cologne, etc. Additionally, you can add items that can be used in the house such as kitchen utensils, small appliances, etc.

The best way to choose items that the recipient will enjoy is to think about the things they like and need. You should consider their favorite type of foods, their personality, particular quirks if they’re into sports, etc. So, for example, if the recipient is an anime or comic book fan, you can fill the hamper with anime character plush toys, comic books they like, tickets to a comic con, etc. If the person is a sports fan, you can fill the hamper with sports memorabilia, etc. So, with that said, we will now look at some of the different types of hampers you can create.

Christmas Morning Hamper

This hamper is a great gift to give just before Christmas since it has luxury items that can be used on Christmas morning. It should contain items such as personalized Christmas coffee cups, special coffee beans, breakfast scones, small packages of milk, cheese, jam, etc.

Hamper For Bakers

If you’re designing a hamper for a person who’s a baker or simply a baking enthusiast, then there are lots of cool baking items you can find to put in the hamper. You can purchase items such as spatulas, measuring cups, various molds, baking pans, icing tips, etc. Also, instead of putting the items in a basket, you can use a large glass bowl that they can re-use in the kitchen as a mixing bowl.

Baking Kit Hamper

Another cool idea is to create a hamper that is essentially a baking kit. This is where you fill the hamper with a few essential baking supplies such as a wooden spoon, fancy Christmas sprinkles, mason jars filled with the dry ingredients for Christmas cookies, etc. You can even print out labels with cooking instructions so the recipient can easily bake the items themselves.

Luxury Hamper

If you want to give a luxury hamper, then you will need to purchase lots of luxury products such as gourmet chocolates, expensive wine, wine glasses, luxury creams, etc. This is a great hamper to give to a loved one or even a business associate. The hamper can be made to look even more special by lining it with Christmas lights.

Ice Cream Hampers

Another cool idea is to create an ice cream hamper, but without the ice cream, since it would melt. These hampers could be filled with different types of ice cream cones, waffle bowls, bags of various ice cream toppings such as chocolate chips, almonds, gummy bears, pecans, etc. You can also add jars of chocolate syrup, caramel, etc. This is a great hamper to give an ice cream lover since all they need is a bucket of ice cream and they can use all the items in the hamper to create a truly decadent treat.

Herbs & Spice Hamper

If you have a friend that loves cooking and baking but they’re not too fond of the sweet stuff, then a herb and spice hamper may be the perfect gift. You can create a small hamper with an assortment of different herbs and spices, and it is best to include a few herbs that are a bit exotic.

DIY Spa Hamper

When creating a hamper for a busy mom or any other busybody, one great idea is to create a DIY Spa Hamper. You can fill this hamper with all the items they will need to create a lovely personal spa such as bath crystals, exotic shampoos, homemade scrubs, loofahs, etc.

Christmas Food Hamper

During the Christmas season, most people indulge a bit more in food, which makes the Christmas food hamper a perfect gift. You can make this by filling up the hamper with lots of goodies such as homemade cakes, gourmet cookies, coffee, wine, Christmas bread, etc. This is a lovely gift to give to casual friends, office buddies, your manager, etc.

Christmas Hamper For Pet Lovers

If you want to give a great gift to a pet lover in your life, then a pet hamper will do the trick. If the person has a dog, then you can fill the hamper with Christmas dog treats, dog toys, dog biscuits, dog brushes, etc. If the person is a cat lover, then you can buy lots of cat-specific toys and treats. Whatever type of pet the person may have, customize the hamper for their pet.

Christmas Party Hamper

The Christmas season is all about having a good time with your friends and family, so one way to make sure everyone is jolly is to give a Christmas party hamper. You can fill this hamper with lots of alcoholic drinks, ginger beer, cups, shot glasses, etc.

Bath & Body Hamper For Men

Most people think that hampers are only to be given to women, but that’s not true! Many men love receiving hampers, and you can easily create a bath and body hamper for the special guys in your life. You can fill this hamper with items such as a new electric shaver, cologne, men’s soap, and shampoo, customized bath cloths, various skin care products, etc.

Hampers For Gardeners

If you would like to give a hamper to a gardener or someone with a green thumb, then you can fill a basket with items such as small gardening tools, gardening gloves, various seeds, gardening books, etc. This is truly a lovely and thoughtful gift that the person will surely appreciate.

BBQ Enthusiast Hamper

The final hamper we will look at is one made for a BBQ lover. You can fill the hamper with items such as BBQ spices, meat dial, hamburger press, BBQ sauces, BBQ brushes, grill cleaner, etc.

How To Make Your Hamper Stand Out

No matter what type of hamper you want to make, it is important that you carefully choose your basket and put the hamper together. If possible, you should maintain the theme of the hamper in its packaging such as using a large plastic pot for the gardening hamper or using a large ice cream bucket for the ice cream lover’s hamper, etc. By paying attention to the little details, you will make your hamper stand out and make a lasting impression on the recipient.

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