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An Introductory Guide to Building a Sports Betting Site

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What Does It Take to Start a Sports Betting Company?

The up rise in information technology and website development served as a pinnacle for online sports betting. Online Sports betting sites reach out to punters easily and generate a lot of revenue in the process.

We have seen several Sportsbooks come from the bottom to take charge of the sports betting industry. Other startups went bankrupt for some reason after a few years.  If you want to build such an enterprise, read through this guide to know the things to do and the things to avoid.

Important Factors to Know When Starting an Online Sportsbook

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Draw a Business Plan or Roadmap

This is the first and most important decision. You need to have a sufficient capital base to launch a Sportsbook. A medium-sized amount of cash will be enough to kickstart your Sports betting enterprise and keep it moving. Alternatively, you could source for investors.

A business plan will itemize your objectives, the financial resources needed for different activities, and the amount of revenue you can generate from these activities. If you write a good business plan, you should have no difficulties with courting investors.

Draw a cash flow diagram to count your costs. Take note of the possible expenses that you will incur along the journey. If you don’t establish a firm roadmap, your Sportsbook enterprise will crash in no time.

Get a Gambling License

A gambling license from a Gambling Committee or Authority will be a good start for your business. Most people won’t want to invest their resources in an unregulated casino. 

Before venturing into creating a sportsbook, you must satisfy every legal and regulatory requirement. It might take a while before your license gets approved. Some common gambling commissions are:

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) oversees sports betting and every remote gambling activity except spread betting. The Commission helps to protect people from fraud and threats. 

A sportsbook located in the UK can only be legal if it has a license from this commission. The Commission can impose fines or revoke licenses at the discovery of any fraudulent activity from a Sportsbook.

Alderney Gambling Control Commission

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is a sort of alternative to the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). It is a lengthy procedure to get your license from AGCC. 

Most operators choose to go through the UKGC instead. On the positive end, this gambling commission doesn’t make a practice of invoking levies or revoking licenses. In the UK, the AGCC license is not enough to operate.

Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

The Malta Gaming Authority has been in action since 2001. The MGA regulates the activity of sportsbooks online and also within its territory. It is known for its quick response to disputes and complaints. A significant number of European countries will allow sports betting companies with an MGA license to operate in their jurisdiction.

Curacao EGaming

Curacao EGaming has been around for more than two decades. It is a stable and reliable regulator of sports betting services. Curacao EGaming doesn’t impose high taxes on its operators. The major downside is that your Sportsbook has to operate with Curacao before you can get a license from them.

Evelyn Balyton is an experienced expert that has helped several Sports betting startups to hit their maximum potential.

Review the Regions that your Sportsbook can Operate

Keep in mind that different countries in the continents have their disposition on online gambling activities. It will help you to know the possible areas to spread your wings when your sports betting enterprise starts growing. There are three classifications of countries based on their rules on online gambling.

Countries or Regions that Permit Online Gambling

Several countries have a legal structure that permits and regulates online gambling. Some of these regulations deal with age restrictions, methods of payment and withdrawals, and gaming period restrictions. Some countries give their states autonomy to ban or authorize sports betting activities. A typical example is the US.

Countries that Completely Outlaw Gambling Activities

Some nations have banned online gambling activities. They have stiff penalties for people caught betting. Steer clear of operating in these places.

Regions That Have No Rules on Online Gambling

In these countries, online gambling is still a grey area. There are no laws in their constitutions related to online gambling. A significant number of people in these countries get involved in sports betting.

Another tip is to review the demographics of countries that allow Sports betting. Target places where you will encounter many punters and less stiff competition from other Sportsbooks. Review the profiles of the best sports betting sites Philippines to gain a comprehensive insight.

Decide the Basis of Operation of Your Website

You need to find answers to this question early in your business days. What should be the central theme of your website? You might want to have a site based purely on sports betting. You could also be considering adding slots, poker, and other card games.

You could also want to add live chat rooms and statistical tools to generate ideas, predictions, and insights for players. Will you want to have a mobile app? At the beginning of your business, you can start with simple games and scale things up as you improve.

Get a Good Tech Partner for Software Deployment

This company or partner should have an in-depth knowledge of how things work in the online sports betting industry. When you want to get a software provider, take a look at their offers and how these offers match your future goals.

If you want a long-lasting project, select a tech partner that will create a platform to fit the exact way punters think. Your software product should guarantee players a smooth playing experience. 

You also need to consider the reputation of the brand. They should have a solid client base and good testimonials. Consider the responsiveness and customer service structure of the company.


The tips in the guide above will help anyone ambitious enough to start their sports betting enterprise. You need to have a solid plan before diving into this capital-intensive business. It is also vital to determine the services you want to offer and the audience that you will reach.

Over the years, most Sportsbooks have gone bankrupt because they started out with insufficient funds. Others were knocked out of the game because of their long payout times and fraudulent activities. You should steer clear from these kinds of activities if you want to build a successful sport betting enterprise. Good luck!

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