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Alpine Technical Services, speciality chemical, safety showers and safety supply specialists

Richard E Allred - ATS
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Richard E Allred - ATS

Richard Allred, the President, CEO and Managing Partner at Alpine Technical Services, that provides custom safety and water treatment solutions and is a leading provider of high-end safety showers for industrial settings where hazardous chemicals are provided and is currently expanding its focus to address water purification for rural municipalities joins the Green Business Podcast Show.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Richard Allred discuss the following:

  • What is ATS and what do you do?
  • The company has been around for a lot of years now, 35 years to be exact, what has been your key to success and longevity?
  • Water is a precious commodity globally, how to you keep the water supply safe for drinking and cleaning waste?
  • What water protection services do you provide?
  • Over the last 35 years, how do you continue to innovate and evolve to meet the needs of the industry?
  • What’s the next evolution for the company or the next innovation you’re targeting to help preserve and protect water?

Duration: 12:52

About ATS
Operating as a privately held company in Midvale, Utah, ATS provides custom safety and water treatment solutions.  ATS is a leading provider of high-end safety showers for industrial settings where hazardous chemicals are provided. ATS is introducing bundles that include chemicals, equipment and safety showers as a complete solution to its clients.  In addition, the company is currently expanding its focus to address water purification for rural municipalities, in particular. In all, the company is dedicated to providing an increasingly larger spectrum of technology and bioscience solutions to answer the needs for cleaner water, safer manufacturing environments and more effective solutions towards the creation of a safer environment and better world.

Richard Allred has been actively involved in the water treatment industry for 19 years.  He has successfully brought together key people in their field of specialty, to build and manage a successful team that is continually increasing ATS’ profitability, with yet another year of near triple digit growth.  Mr. Allred oversees much of the water treatment spectrum including, EPC, military, mining, oil and gas, water reuse, and municipal water systems.  Much of Mr. Allred’s focus includes strategic planning, team building, strategic alliances with vendors and major clients.  Mr. Allred’s most important contribution has been positioning ATS to be more profitable and establish long-term distribution channels.  This can be seen in ATS’ recent growth in revenues and profitability.

Mr. Allred completed MAP training with senior consultant Ben Raspberry, a pupil of the late Peter Drucker.  Together they are implementing Vital Factors making each manager measurably responsible to meet monthly goals and coincide with the company’s overall Vital Factors.  Mr. Allred completed his course work for water treatment purification systems, while studying under Dr. Avijit Dey Ph.D.  He also holds a contractors license from the state of Arizona for water treatment devices, being the only one on record at the time of issuance.  Additionally, Mr. Allred holds a patent and has a patent pending for the treatment and reuse of oil field production, flow back, and pit water, as well as others in the field of safety.

Mr. Allred’s primary passion is business development, where he spends most of his time seeking out the most reliable new products that will meet the needs of Alpine Technical Services and its clients.  He has a B.S. from UVU and an MBA from Westminster College.

In an effort of continuous personal improvement Mr. Allred is a member of Vistage, the largest organization in the world of CEOs.

Mr. Allred serves as a board member for Empower Mali, which focuses on building educational infrastructure to educate the county of Mali in an effort to lift a nation.  His efforts on the board include covering a energy solution for electricity to the schools, in villages with no power grids, as well as water treatment systems that can be run by the schools to provide safe drinking water for the students and villagers.

ATS - Alpine Technical Services


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