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Ketaki Sharma

Ketaki Sharma, Founder & CEO at Algorithm Research that provides MENA focused investment research to institutional clients joins Enterprise Radio. Algorithm Research is a Dubai investment research firm focused on the Middle East, from the Middle East.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Ketaki Sharma discuss the following:

  • What is Algorithm Research all about?
  • What made you launch a MENA focus research outfit?
  • How has your journey been so far? What makes it all worth it?
  • What are the upsides of being a woman led startup in the Middle East?
  • What will be your advice for other young entrepreneurs?

Ketaki Sharma is CEO Algorithm Research – a MENA & India centric research outfit based out of the UAE. As a senior economist tracking MENA and India for a decade, she was involved in setting up the research desks from scratch at two of the leading banks in the UAE and has been published and quoted widely in the media. Prior to moving to the UAE, Ketaki was working with Nomura Securities as India Economist in Mumbai. She has a sovereign rating background, having worked with Standard & Poors’ as a rating analyst covering the EMEA region.

Algorithm Research was founded to fill the gap in MENA focused research solutions available on the region, for the region and by the region. We bring to the fore, a thinking MENA, capable of assessing its own developments with solutions relevant and tailored in the local context.

Algorithm Reseach


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