Accelerated healing and slow the aging with Dr. Aristotle

Dr. Aristotle who has provided treatment programs for accelerated healing and slowing the aging process for 20 years joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio. As an author, he has also appeared in magazines and television shows and is in private practice in Carmel and Beverly Hills, California.

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Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Dr. Aristotle discuss the following:

  • You suddenly became paralyzed in 2006 that changed your life. Tell us a little bit about this and your personal journey of healing transformation.
  • In your book, Change The Way You Heal, you mention the 3T’s that influence the way you heal and age. Explain to us what these 3Ts are.
  • Identifying the cause of pain is the first step to healing.  What are the most common causes of illness in the body?
  • You mention many healing tools that you use in your own practice in your book.  Can you tell me a little bit about some of these tools and their benefits?
  • What are some tips people can incorporate in their everyday life to help them heal?

Duration: 12:28

Using over twenty years clinical experience, Dr. Aristotle Economou authored Change the Way You Heal: 7 Steps To Highly Effective Healing and created the “Slowing the Aging Process” treatment programs. Through his years of teaching, writing, and treating illness and pain, Dr. Aristotle has established himself as a leading practitioner of Functional Medicine—appearing in Health Magazine, CBS Health Watch, and many other publications and television shows.

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