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A Toast for Two: The Best Champagne Boxes for You and your Significant Other

Posted: January 30, 2020 at 7:15 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Are you looking for an early Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other (or for you to enjoy all by yourself)? Look no further! On you will find presents for the most delicate and refined tastes, from Italian Moscatos to a box full of Dom Perignon and caviar.  

Wine Baskets was created for and is operated by people who, just like most of us, love and cherish all kinds of wine and everything that can go with it. In their own words, “we believe that a great bottle of wine can bring people together, forge friendships, gather family and strengthen bonds.” And did I mention the best part? They have three distribution centers spread across the country, meaning the fastest delivery you could get. In case a wine bottle is not enough, they also sell personalized accessories such as coasters, decanters, toolsets, and wine chillers (which is essential if you live in states where the summer can be very hot, such as Texas or California).  

There are so many wonderful baskets it will be daring to decide which one is the better: in the “a Toast for Two” basket, you can choose between a bottle of 2008 Moet & Chandon, 2009 Dom Perignon or 2000 Krug that will come along with two personalized glasses with your initial. Now, that’s what I call a hard choice, isn’t it? But whichever one you prefer, the product description guarantees a “premium experience perfect for celebrating any special occasion.” In the “Dom Perignon 2009 Ultimate Champagne & Caviar Experience” basket, you will get not only one of the best vintage champagnes in the world but also a 2 oz packet of the best Osetra caviar and a sterling silver caviar service set for two! That sounds like an amazing deal to me.  

Or perhaps you might be more interested in getting luxe champagne crates delivery & chocolate pairing, the best selection of Brut champagne along with gourmet, ganache and truffle flavored chocolates. Are you looking for the best champagne brands? Read up on them here Like a true wine connoisseur, you will be able to taste and feel the delicious, honey, and apple-flavored tasting notes and aromas.  

In wine baskets, you will find the best choices of gifts for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, for a birthday, or any other special occasion. There are numerous boxes filled with Champagne bottles, caviar, chocolates, and other treats, besides accessories such as decanters, wine chillers, toolsets, and wine crates that you can choose to engrave. Is it your husband’s birthday? Did your best friends just get married? The best gift you can get them is waiting at Wine Baskets!

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