Dominique Schilling

“A Reason” by Risberg Schilling Productions with Dominique Schilling

Dominique Schilling

Dominique Schilling, Writer/Director of “A Reason” and Vice President of Risberg Schilling Productions, LLC which is a female run production company with a European background joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Dominique Schilling discuss the following:

  • You are both a writer and a director, which role do you prefer more and why?
  • Your latest film is called “A Reason” and stars some very familiar faces including Marion Ross from “Happy Days.” The shooting schedule for this film was only a few weeks, how did you get this shot so fast and what advice do you have for filmmakers that are on a very strict budget and time constraints.
  • You partnered with Producer Caroline Risberg to form the production company Risberg Schilling Productions, LLC. When forming a production company with someone, what do you think is most important to look for in a business partner? What lead you to Caroline? Both of you are from Europe, in your opinion is it easier to start a business here in the U.S. or in Europe?
  • Your next film is titled “Watch Her Eyes.” Is there anything you can tell us about this project?
  • What advice would you give to people trying to break into the business and write/direct their first film?

Duration: 9:39

Dominique Schilling was born into a music industry family and spent most of her childhood in music studios and at Rock concerts. She grew up in Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. She received her bachelor’s degree in English/Writing, summa cum laude, studied stage directing at the Beverly Hills Playhouse and later went to film school at the New York Film Academy.

She started out, working as a performance artist, doing self-written and directed shows with a troupe, which included dance, vocals, instrumentation, acting, and pantomime. Because of her interest in other cultures and philosophies, she has lived in Hawaii and has travelled all over Western Europe as well as to Eastern Europe, Russia, North & Central America, and Africa. During this time she lived structured as well as alternative lifestyles. She uses these experiences in her work, revealing diverse and contrasting perspectives through the eyes of her characters while emphasizing the importance of building bridges and understanding, most of all within the family unit.

In the past few years, she has written 6 feature-length screenplays and has directed 3 short films, a documentary and a feature film. Her films “Business As Usual”, “Breaking with Tradition”, and “A Black Lie” have screened in festivals all over the globe, receiving best documentary and best director nominations. She also directs international commercials and music videos.

She recently directed the feature film drama “A REASON”, starring Golden Globe Nominee Marion Ross, Roxanne Hart, Magda Apanowicz and Nick Eversman. Her next feature is currently in development under Risberg Schilling Productions, with Caroline Risberg as producer, which she is set to direct in 2014.

Dominique Schilling lives in Los Angeles, California.


Web Site:
Twitter: @AReasonFilm

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