Matthew Pollard

A common problem for people not getting enough business with Sales Coach Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard the creator of a sales method for the Pollard Institute, which has enrolled over 3,000 students joins Enterprise Radio. Pollard discusses a common problem for people not getting enough business and more.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Matthew Pollard discuss the following:

  • What is a common problem for people not getting enough business?
  • What should they be doing?
  • How would you suggest they start doing that?
  • You have done this you whole life, how can someone who hasn’t get started?
  • Why do people fear doing this?

Duration: 14:31

Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard’s sales and sales management skills have won him awards, including the 2007 Young Achiever Award.  His approach to sales has won accolades, and he uses this experience to help others create great sales methods. His sales method for the Pollard Institute saw over 3,000 students enrolled into government funded sales or business course in less than three years.  Some of these clients included Australia’s premier national and state sporting teams, one of Australia’s largest retailers, many large national franchises and one of Australia’s largest medical companies.

Matthew Pollard - Moving Forward Coaching


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