9 Tips to Prevent Yourself from an Accident When Driving in Snellville

Snellville is growing in terms of population day by day. Because of this, accident statistics have seen a notable rise. We all know the Georgian driving conditions so relying on the Southern drivers to cooperate with you on the road is like asking your mom to drive faster. There is just no convincing them. Instead of focusing on what others are doing, focus on your driving capabilities and prevent yourself from any accident. This article has covered some handy tips to help you stay away from car accidents on the road or at least be the cause of an accident. 

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Maintain A Decent Attitude While Driving 

The legal driving age in Snellville is 18. This means that a lot of teenagers are on the roads. Despite having a registered license, most teenagers lack experience driving on the road. Some just get nervous, while others think whatever they do is right. With both of them being equally unfair practices, you need to develop the correct attitude about driving and being on the road. Most accidents that involve teens are a result of lack of maturity and having inadequate experience being on the road. When getting on the road, come with a mindset that you are not only damaging a vehicle worth thousands of dollars but also putting other people’s lives at risk. 

Supervised Practice 

Before you hit the highway, make sure to practice on the small roads and on short trips. During driving practice, involve your parents as much in the process as much as your driving instructor is involved. Taking trips to the local grocery store or to a local park in your car will help you improve your skills. Having a proper driving schedule is mandatory to gain experience and confidence for big highways. 

Wear Safety Belt

Wearing a seatbelt is much more than just a ‘parent thing.’ Get yourself habitual of wearing a seatbelt as soon as you sit in the car. Being buckled in case of an accident will help you remain safe and stable in one position. Many people who sustained severe injuries from car accidents in Snellville have mentioned being careless with wearing the seat belt. People who don’t wear safety belts become projectile or get in the way of an aggressively opening airbag. The human body is unable to sustain such injuries, most of the time, so neglecting something as simple as a seat belt can become fatal.

Driving Under the influence of Intoxicants is extremely dangerous no matter how old or experienced you are. Drinking or doing drugs before driving can impair your judgment while reducing the body to muscle coordination. This is because of the chemical reactions taking place in the body. If you are caught driving under the influence, it can cost your license and even life. Take an Uber after partying at night or having your favorite steak and wine. Even when you are not driving under the influence, these habits can really impair your liver health and nervous system. 

Only Fit People According to Space 

Sometimes when going out, especially with friends, it is normal for people to fit everyone in the same car. We have literally seen 6-7 people in a sedan going for a night to party. However, this is far from being safe. The risk of an accident increases if your car is accommodating more than the suggested passenger space. Other than being loud, you are bound to get distracted because of the activities going on. Make sure to take extra vehicles or call an Uber every time additional people tag along with you. 

Do Not Get Distracted 

Drunk driving, speeding, or breaking traffic signals isn’t the leading cause of an accident – it is actually distracted driving. Anything that pulls your focus away from the road is considered distracted driving. We are continuously sidetracked by our cell phones, which allow us to text, change songs, and chat on the phone. Eating food, aiding children in the backseat, and cleaning up objects that have fallen on the car’s floor are a few examples of distracted driving. Even when the vehicle is stopped at a red light, still avoid using your phone. 

Stay Within Speed Limits 

The speed limit signs are there for a purpose. They are supposed to notify you of the safest speed to go on that specific route. This might be due to increased traffic, abrupt bends, uneven road surfaces, and a variety of other causes. The faster the speed of your vehicle, the slower your response time to any abrupt changes in road conditions. Your response time towards any dangerous situation on the road matters a lot in preventing you from an accident. For instance, if someone driving in front of you applies brakes out of nowhere, your car should be at a reasonable speed and at a suitable distance to stop the car safely.

Breaking Signals

Since primary classes, we have been told that red light means stop. However, most of us forget to adhere to this fundamental and extremely important law. Drivers who break traffic signals run the risk of causing fatal car accidents. Most of the casualties in such a scenario are side-impact or rollover. Not only are you risking your life and property, but there is also a considerable risk of running into an innocent passenger. Most people who end up causing a fatality by breaking the signal are charged with murder attempts and often demanded heavy compensation. 

Poor Tire Health 

Your tires require regular air checks and timely change before they expire. In an accident due to a tire burst, you may see the rubber spread across the road. Having a tire burst can not only injure you but also cause damage to vehicles right next to you. These injuries can become much more complicated than just a whiplash treatment in Snellville. Before leaving your house, stop at the nearest tire shop to get them checked for air pressure and punctures. Presently, there are plenty of hand-held air check and refill devices to keep in the car. In case your tire bursts, maintain control of your car without changing direction and pull over as the speed slows down. Driving at a reasonable speed will also prevent you from major injuries or an out-of-control vehicle. 

Keep Calm When Driving

Everyone has a different style of driving. We may get angry at someone ahead of us or on the side. This can cause road rage leading to unwise decisions. Tailgating or over speeding is the most dangerous result of car accidents. If you feel someone is not driving according to the laws or you are not in a good mood but have to get somewhere, we suggest you control your speed and stay in touch with the general traffic laws for your personal safety and for those who are on the same road as you.  


Car accidents are prevalent in Snellville because of the growing population. An accident can cause serious injuries to you, your fellow passengers, your vehicle, and of course, others on the road. We have discussed some really practical prevention tips to help you stay vigilant and have a safe driving experience. 

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