8 Things You Need for a Remote-Only Workforce

Working from home can be a dream come true, but it certainly isn’t always easy. Remote workforces have the potential to save millions of dollars in overhead costs and provide employees with more flexibility and autonomy than ever before. However, managing a remote workforce is an entirely different ball game. With that in mind, here are eight things you need for a successful remote workforce:

You Need a VPN

With a remote workforce, it’s critical to have a strong and secure VPN. A virtual private network (VPN) is a tool that allows you to access the internet through an encrypted connection. This protects you from any hackers who may try to steal your data. Additionally, it protects your company from other malicious activity that could harm your business. Companies like RiskRecon also offer third-party risk management services to ensure that your systems and processes will reduce your risk.

Cloud Storage is Essential

You can’t go wrong with Cloud storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive unless you need added security measures. Cloud storage solutions are a great way to share files and collaborate with others. They allow you to access your files from any device with an internet connection, so you can work on them from anywhere. In addition, cloud storage makes it easy for employees who work remotely to access the same data as those who work in-house, which is especially valuable when it comes time for planning meetings or brainstorming sessions.

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Use a Project Management Solution

You’ll need a project management system to ensure your remote workers are staying on task. Project management is essential for any business. But when you have a remote workforce, project management becomes even more important. Your project managers need to know what tasks each member of their team has been assigned and how far along they are in completing those tasks.

You’ll want a robust project management tool that connects with other software programs you use. The ability to offer a smooth end-to-end experience is ideal. For example, if you’re using Slack to communicate with your remote workers then it would be helpful if the PM tool had a Slack integration so that you could see the progress updates right there on your main communication channel.

Video Conferencing is a Must

A video conferencing tool like Zoom is an excellent investment for team collaboration and communication. Zoom is an excellent investment for remote teams because it allows you to host video conferences and calls with other people, like your team or clients. Zoom makes it easy to share your screen with others so that you can see each other as you’re working on a project or presenting something from your computer. You can also record everything that happens during the meeting and save it for later review.

Time Tracking

When you have an all-remote workforce, it can be more difficult to manage hours worked. Investing in a time-tracking system is a must-have to ensure remote workers are being productive while working remotely. While some companies have gone away from tracking time, it can be helpful to understand if there are any efficiencies that employees could gain in their work. They also allow you to look at reports that show how much time was spent on certain tasks and projects, so you can get a better idea of where your money goes when it comes to payroll costs.

Online Learning Management Systems for Training

Video tutorials and help desk systems make onboarding remote workers easier and reduce the number of questions that need to be answered by management. When you need to train employees on specific systems, using learning management systems can help. Not only can remote staff learn about new processes, but they can also gain new skills by going through different courses in the system. This can help everyone stay on the same page and can reduce the amount of time that management needs to spend on training them.

Good Internet Connection

Having a solid internet connection is key for any remote worker or business owner who wants their staff to work remotely only. There are a lot of factors that go into having a solid internet connection. First, you need to have high bandwidth. Next, you need to have updated computers with modern Wi-Fi capabilities. They could even have the right amount of RAM to support large file uploads and downloads.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

A good pair of noise-canceling headphones is a must for anyone who works from home. Whether you’re in your office, or in your home office while the kids are napping, they can help you stay focused and avoid distractions.

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