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8 Interesting Ways To Recognize Employee Accomplishments

Recognizing employee accomplishments is a great way to boost morale. It also will keep your team motivated and productive at work. However, you want to choose the most exciting ways to encourage your workers. That way, it’s a memorable moment for them.

Below, you’ll find many ways to recognize your employees’ accomplishments. Make sure to keep reading!

Recognize employee accomplishments
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1. Make a Thank You Video

Why not try making a thank-you video? You can easily create a YouTube channel for your company and upload personalized videos to thank your employees. You can express your gratitude and offer custom messages.

It can be very encouraging to hear someone appreciate your accomplishments. So, a video can go much further than a note or email. Uploading content to YouTube is also straightforward.

After uploading it, you can set the video to only be viewable with the people you share it with. That way, only your employees can see it if you don’t want to post public content. Plus, you can record your video on numerous devices, like your phone or a laptop. You can edit the video if you want, but you can keep it simple.

Making a video for your team expressing your thanks is a great idea. It’s unique and fun, letting your employees know you’re grateful for everything they do.

2. Host a Movie Night

Next, you can host a movie night to recognize your employees. Let them choose the movie, then set up in a room with a projector or TV with some yummy snacks. You could also take your team to the theater to celebrate.

Movie nights can also be a great bonding time for employees and their colleagues. It’s fun and lets you create a memorable experience for your workers.

3. Run an Award Ceremony

Why not recognize many employees at once and have an award ceremony? You can have your team give speeches, offer them certificates, medals, or small trophies, and give them plenty of applause. 

Ceremonies are very motivating. Your staff will see each other earning awards for their hard work and will try to acquire one themselves for the next ceremony. You can customize your ceremony and what you want to recognize, too.

Here are a few examples of what you could award employees for:

  • Being a great team player
  • Excellent customer service
  • Going above and beyond
  • Most innovative
  • Most improved
  • Amazing leadership
  • People’s choice (have your employee’s vote for the winner)
  • Best attendance record

You can always create awards specific to your company’s industry and the work environment. Get creative with your prizes! You can offer your employees some interesting ones, making the moment all the more memorable.

4. Give Corporate Gifts

You can also give your employees thoughtful presents. If you’re unsure of what to get, try Googling “corporate gifts Singapore” and see what options you have near you.

There are so many interesting corporate gifts that you can give to employees to let them know that you care. Candles, technology, mugs, clothes, and more are good options.

Whatever you decide to give them, you’ll want to ensure it’s customized. You can put their name on the item or your company logo. It’s always fun to have merch to represent the company and feel like part of the team.

Gifts can be a simple and effective way to show appreciation, so you’ll want to make sure you think about what you give.

5. Create a Points System

Another fun way to recognize accomplishments is to create a points system. You can think of it like earning rewards in a video game. Each time an employee does something noteworthy that you appreciate, make a mental note of it.

Then, every so often, give them points for their accomplishments. Let them redeem the points for rewards. Some good examples of what they can save for include:

  • An extra vacation day
  • A charitable donation in their name
  • Toys, food, clothing, and other small items
  • A pizza party or a movie night
  • Gift cards

Your employees may want to spend the points right away, while others will save for “big ticket items,” so it’s a good idea to have a variety of rewards. That way, everyone can find something that they like.

6. Make Fun Comic Strips

Does your company have a newsletter? You can make fun comic strips or cartoons that feature the employee and their accomplishments. This method would be highly memorable, and the employees could save or print the comics.

You can make the strips yourself or get help from your colleagues. Either way, it could be a creative outlet.

7. Send a Gift Box

Next, you could send a gift box or basket to the employee’s home. These gift boxes can be customized to the interests of the employee. For example, you can send them a fruit, chocolate, or self-care basket. There’s an endless number of themes to choose from.

If you can’t send it directly to the worker’s home, you can always give it to them yourself or leave it on their desk for them to find later.

Either way, you’ll want to offer a card or note with the gift box. That way, the employee knows what accomplishments you recognize them for, making them feel more appreciated.

8. Arrange Catering

Having goods delivered to the workplace can be a fun surprise for your team. You can order from DoorDash or a local pizzeria. There are also plenty of places that offer workplace catering. 

To make it even more interesting, hire a food truck to sit outside at lunchtime and encourage your employees to eat. Catering can be an excellent way to make your staff feel appreciated.

Make Your Employees Feel Recognized

To summarize, there are so many different ways that you can make your employees feel appreciated and recognized. You’ll want to take the time to consider their unique interests and choose something meaningful to them. Corporate gifts, catering, and awards ceremonies are all excellent options.

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