8 Creative Benefits Guaranteed To Attract Young Professionals

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Small business owners and entrepreneurs need every advantage they can get. In the absence of abundant resources and huge marketing budgets, obtaining the right talent becomes all the more important. Retaining capable, dedicated people is critical for developing strong relationships with clients and customers. To attract the right candidate, hiring managers must offer much more than a living wage. A good salary and benefits package are vital, but it’s far from the only factor when attracting an effective team. This is especially true of the younger generation of workers.

Millennials and younger professionals are known for having a different set of priorities when compared to their older counterparts. Employers who want to ensure a happy workforce need to take this into account. Beyond the obvious perks, businesses must think outside the box and offer some creative benefits that cater to young people’s wants and needs.

For example, one of the most prominent differences between Millennials/Gen Z and older generations is they are waiting longer to get married and start families. In the meantime, they consider their pets to be very important members of the family. An employer that offers veterinary care or “bring your dog to work” days as part of their benefits program has a competitive advantage when attracting and retaining these “pet parents.”

Additionally, today’s workers are more aware of work/life balance and wellness than anyone else. To help them manage stress levels and find greater satisfaction in the workday, many offices provide in-house yoga or other on-site health services. These give employees a chance to re-energize and avoid burnout.

There’s no denying how crucial your team members are to growing your business. With that in mind, you should consider how your company is enticing younger associates. For some additional tips, take a look at the accompanying infographic.

Infographic provided by The Jacobson Group

Author bio: Nikki St. Martin is VP of Marketing for The Jacobson Group, the premier insurance recruiters in the country. St. Martin is responsible for the ongoing marketing and branding efforts of The Jacobson Group.

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