7 Top Small Business Ideas for Student Entrepreneurs

Thousands of college students have part-time jobs. Nobody wants to become a slave to their graduation debt. Rather than work for somebody else, some young people choose to work for themselves. They launch their own small businesses.

While being an entrepreneur usually requires more time and effort, mainly to start, self-employment can give more flexibility and money. Need a profitable small business idea? Here are 7 ideas waiting for you.

1. Tutoring

Make use of your strong understanding of a specific subject. Become a tutor.

There are websites that offer such services. Sign up, specify the subjects you’re good at, and the employer will match you with students. You can work online with learners from middle school to college level.

What to do if you want to tutor your peers but there’s already a tutoring service at your college? Savvy entrepreneurs know how to compete. They use a unique selling point. College tutoring services are usually available at certain times. Offer the schedule that fits your clients. Evening hours or weekends are the most suitable time for students.

2. An Essay Writing Service

Every business has an offer that is aimed to satisfy a particular need. Look around. What do your peers usually complain about? The difficulties with academic paper writing. Why not offer a service that could assist them in doing their homework?

If you don’t have a clear idea of what this could involve, try working as an essay writer or an editor at reputable essay writing company.

As in the case of any other business field, top quality is a decisive factor for success in essay writing market. Provide well-crafted, non-plagiarized papers. Research paper writing services by Essay Service make the customers return again and again.

3. Blogging

If you wouldn’t mind sharing your knowledge or life with other people, then this option is right for you. Are your writing skills good enough to get A grades for academic papers? Earn some cash by starting a blog!

Online blogging platforms make it easy to set up a blogging site. Revenue comes from affiliate marketing programs, like Amazon Associates, or paid advertisements. So, to make your blog a money-making machine, you need to gain much blog traffic. Take the topic you’re passionate about and provide consistent, unique content.

Being a YouTube blogger can also be a profitable business. Open your channel and upload videos based on your choice and interest. If you succeed in getting a lot of subscribers, you’ll start making cash on advertising.

Don’t forget about advertising. Social media and the word-of-mouth of the students will do the work. Once you have more clients than you can handle on your own, start looking for partners.

4. Pastries and Cake Making

Cakes are an indispensable part of most of our parties. Students like to celebrate their birthdays and other occasions. So why not to think of a career in bakery if cakes, pastries and other bakery products are in such a great demand?

If you have the skills, you can seize this opportunity and cook on order in your spare time. Once people know how delicious your products are, you will get a steady income. Word-of-mouth advertising is a powerful tool, especially in college.

5. Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services

Before moving into a new place, people usually hire a house cleaner to tidy it up. Some people are just too busy to clean their homes or offices themselves. So they use cleaning services. This is money waiting to be made.

At first, you will need to spend $50 on cleaning supplies. Second, let people know about the service you offer. Facebook has made it easy and fast to spread information. Create an appealing Facebook page for your small startup services and promote it for a little cost. From there, the opportunities will flow.

You can take out few hours every day from studying and do cleaning jobs to earn extra income. If your business takes off, you can employ other students as staff.

6. Graphic Design

Many small businesses are searching for an affordable way to gain access to professional branding, such as logos, banners, and signs. Are you well versed in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator? Create a portfolio on Odesk, Fiverr, and Nairaland and get orders.

If you’re a student majoring in graphic design or a relative field, consider starting a freelance design business that caters to other entrepreneurs. Once your design earns a reputation of a quality product and you establish a network of contacts, the business will set you up with a full-time job after graduation.

7. Beauty Business

This is one of the most lucrative small business ideas in school. Campus is full of female students that are happy to save on beauty procedures.

If you’re a master of manicure and pedicure, offer a home nail fixing service business. You’ll only need to buy a basic equipment and charge a bit lower then beauty salons.

Can you do braids that are so trendy now? Hair braiding business will definitely bring you some cash.

Doing makeup is also a viable idea. A really talented makeup artist will never give out of money!

To provide these types of beauty services, you might need to buy a dressing table or even take special courses. You will improve your skills and get a certificate proving your qualification.

Even if your academic studies are not focused on business or entrepreneurship, self-taught skills can still bring extra money. You might create a small business that grows into a big one, become an owner of a great small business, or even fail. Either way, you’ll emerge victorious. Practice that educates better than classes and invaluable skills are the things worth struggling for.

About the Author: Michelle Brooks is the content editor and contributor to EssayService blog. She specializes in general education, career, small business and self-development.

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