7 Best Tips for Promoting Your Podcast

For some, the joy of podcasting is its own reward. But, if you’re like most, you want as many people as possible to hear what you have to say. More listeners lead to the greater promotion of your business and personal brand.

But how do you get more people to tune in?

There are tons of theories out there on how to get increase your listens. In this guide, we present to you some foolproof ways to promote your podcast. Read on for 7 of the best tips!

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1. Make Good Content

This first tip might seem obvious, but we can’t emphasize enough the importance of making good content. Your episodes need to be interesting and unique. This will keep listeners engaged and eager for more.

If your episodes are boring and have nothing new to offer, no one will want to tune in. Even the best marketing efforts won’t be enough to boost listens.

So, before you dive head-first into marketing, make sure your content is good. Use your early episodes as an opportunity to master the art of storytelling or interviewing guests.

2. Define Your Audience

When you make your content, you aren’t trying to reach everyone. Rather, you have a specific demographic in mind. Determine who it is you are talking to.

Is it a specific age group? People with certain interests? Listeners looking to buy specific types of products?

Once you define your audience, you can target potential listeners. You will also create content geared towards their interests.

3. Use Social Media

In many cases, your potential listeners will be on social media. Take advantage of this!

Social media is essentially free advertising. You can share links, video clips, behind the scenes pictures, and other content to pique interest. You can also run paid posts if you’re struggling with organic traffic.

Though social media is a great promotional tool, it takes a lot of work to maximize your return. Consider hiring a social media agency to manage your campaigns.

An expert team will:

  • Determine which platforms you should focus on (For instance, if you’re targeting older listeners, Facebook might be more effective than Instagram.)
  • Create appealing content and posts
  • Optimize your posts for engagement and conversions

4. Incorporate Calls to Action

Many podcasters get caught up with trying to get new listeners. But, don’t forget the power of your existing audience!

Your current listeners can go a long way in helping your podcast grow. Throughout your episodes, throw in a couple of calls to action. Ask listeners to leave a review or even recommend your show to a friend. If they enjoy your content, they should be eager to do you a small favor.

5. Make a Podcast Website

Your podcast is already on streaming platforms and social media. Should you bother with a website?

We say yes.

A podcast website gives your audience one cohesive place to find your episodes. It also increases the chance of new listeners coming across your podcast.

6. Optimize Your Episode Titles

No one will want to click on an episode with a boring title (“Episode 70,” “Cooking,” etc.).

Get creative! Create titles that pique interest while clearly describing what the episode is about.

7. Collaborate Whenever Possible

Collaborations might be your ticket to growth. It can be very beneficial (for all involved parties) to mesh audiences.

Create a list of podcasts in your niche to get started. Reach out to them and see if they want to collaborate. You could co-host an episode together or promote each other’s podcast in an episode.

Bottom Line

It can seem tricky to grow your podcast from the ground-up at first. With these 7 promotional tips, you should be welcoming new listeners in no time.

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