7 Activities to Improve Parent-Child Bond

The relation between a parent and a child is built with love, care, and nurturing. Children must feel belonged at a young age to able to give out the same passion that you’d want in return. Relationship between parent and children forms a strong foundation for a child’s mindset and also shapes their world.

This relationship is of utmost importance, at least throughout the childhood of any person. The bonding that your child shares with you affects the child in every aspect of his life in general. 

Therefore, we as parents must put in efforts to strengthen our bonds with kids. Yes, life as a parent is indeed quite busy and bonding with the child at the end of the day seems complicated too. However, there are ways in which you can participate in one of the top things to do with kids. It will improve your bond with your child. 

Ways to enhance the parent-child relationship

It is a well-known fact to all the parents that reading out storybooks to the kids is the easiest way to improve their language skills both reading as well as writing. Studies have also shown that spending time with kids, reading out books to them, triggers brain development that results in enhanced bonding between parent and child. 

The storytime involves lots of cuddling, eye contact typically, as well as sharing emotions. Therefore, you must make reading storybooks together with your child a priority at home, as it is the easiest way to connect with your child. 

1. Engaging in art 

Engaging your kids in art and craft activities will give the perfect opportunity to have a delightful experience. 

Also, parents must know that these art and craft activities will have a therapeutic effect on the minds of the children. By encouraging the kids to work creatively, we knowingly or unknowingly provide them an outlet through which they can express their emotions and thoughts. It is notably better for the younger children, who are unable to put their complex emotions in words. 

2. Enjoying Music

Music has lots of benefits to offer to both parents as well as the children. It may be just listening to some karaokes or playing or dancing on their favorite numbers. Along with lots of fun, it also creates awareness of once own body and teaches them to live in the present moment. 

As they are enjoying music in one or other way, the kids will be practicing the habit of mindfulness, without them knowing it. 

3. Spend time with nature

Stress acts as a massive barrier in the way of bonding in any relationship. We are primarily talking about our relationship with our kids. According to the research, our exposure to nature brings down our blood pressure, and heart rate along with muscular tension. In addition to it drastically reduces the level of stress hormones. 

Therefore, spending some time amidst nature with your kids frequently will help you in the long run. It can be a bike ride or a hike or even watering the garden. These small things will not only strengthen your bond but will also improve the health of your family. 

4. Play to the heart’s content

Playing is something that naturally comes to children. It is their language or way of expressing their thoughts and emotions. The parents can also play with the kids. In that way, the kids will know that the parents are their friends and not opponents, in any way. Moreover, playing with kids decreases their attention-seeking nature as well as anxiety. 

5. Cuddling

Humans are naturally enabled to recognize various emotions like love, compassion, and gratitude, merely through a touch. Therefore, it can we can say that touch plays a vital role in the formation of strong bonding between parents and child.

Touch has also been observed to be helpful to soothe the child. At times when he is struggling with his emotions, a loving pat on the back can help. Hence, snuggle and cuddle with your little one as and when possible. Give him kisses and hugs sometimes without any reasons at all. 

6. Playing Board games

The kids like playing board games with the parents and family. The interactive nature of board games allows children to have a conversation and put their thoughts in words. 

Furthermore, it also allows children to work through complicated emotions. It will enable parents to express their feelings and help their child in finding appropriate ways to express their frustrations.

7.     Writing It Out 

It is an activity for growing children as writing can benefit kids in many ways, including stress-reduction and improvisation in health conditions.

The bonding between a parent and a child is indeed a special one. Therefore, parents should make it a point to involve their kids and themselves in various activities that will strengthen their bond further. 

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