6 Steps to Improve the Security of Your Business Property

It’s always important to have a safe and protected business property so that you never have to worry about your day-to-day dealings being disrupted by crime or risks. Your business property is an important asset, as are the employees working within it, so security should always be at the fore.

Also, having unsafe business property can have a negative impact on your company’s reputation and financial health. When employees don’t feel safe on the premises, they might be unable to perform their daily responsibilities, thereby affecting the business’s overall productivity. When your customers also find your company’s property dangerous, they’ll stop doing business with you, which, in turn, affects your profits.

To avoid these unfortunate circumstances, below are the six steps to consider to improve the security of your business property:

Step 1: Install a CCTV System

This is a must-have for any business property, and especially if you have an extremely large premises. CCTV systems should cover blind spots and also have the cameras be completely visible to anyone approaching the property. Even the appearance of cameras can often act as a deterrent for any criminals inspecting your premises. As the industry is moving fast, there is a number of security camera solutions available. However, if you want to make sure it is working properly you need an expert to design the right solution for your property. What cameras to use for the specific conditions, how to set them up properly and integrate them into your larger security system. All of this falls under security camera installation solutions that professional installers can design.

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Step 2: Train Your Employees on Premises Safety

It’s always important for a business to provide a safe and secure working environment for its employees, but employees also need to be aware of how to move around the building safely. Proper training is always encouraged for business safety, and it can also be as simple as asking your employees to make sure they fulfill certain tasks. Such as:

  • Always checking windows are closed and locked at the end of the day
  • Checking doors are closed
  • Knowing who they can speak to if they notice any suspicious activity around the building
  • Knowing which door to use for entry and exit

However, if you think professional assistance is needed to ensure premises safety, then hiring well-trained security guards from Patriots Security Company London or within your location to guard your business property can be an excellent idea. Although safety training can help employees stay safe at work, it’s still best to have professional guards who patrol the perimeter and monitor all the entrances and exits of the premises against security threats and crimes. With proper safety training partnered with security guards, you can boost the security measures of your property.

Step 3: Have an End-of-Day System in Place

This is especially important if you have a business premises which is operational for long hours, with employees working at different points of the day. It should always be clear who is responsible for locking the building down when the business day has come to an end. This could be an elected manager, security personnel, or simply the last employee to leave the building for the day.

Any miscommunication over this can leave employees making incorrect assumptions that somebody else will lock or check the doors.

Step 4: Secure All Walkways

Safety is crucial for the security of your business premises, too. Certain areas need to be protected, such as warehouse mezzanines, high walkways, or simply just a steep set of steps at the front of your building. You can find dependable Interior Iron Railings, like with MJ Iron Works Chicago, for a range of solutions suited for industry purposes. Railings will help to better protect your premises in the right areas.

Step 5: Ensure Adequate Lighting

This is important both for employee safety when moving around and also as a deterrent for crime. Installing lighting features like motion-detection security lights for the exterior of your property will help to better protect it and also make everything more visible for witnesses, workers or your security camera systems.

Step 6: Have a Visitor System

If your workplace sees a lot of foot traffic, it’s always a good idea to monitor who is entering and leaving the building. You may want an attendant to check visitors at the door or provide sign-in sheets and identification badges to make the process more secure.


As a business owner, the security of your company building is essential to its success. With proper security protocols, you can get rid of any criminal activity and other unfortunate circumstances, making the entire premises peaceful, safe, and secure. Therefore, if you want to give yourself, your employees, and customers peace of mind, keep the steps mentioned above in mind to enhance your business property’s security.

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