6 Moms that Started Big Businesses

Are you a budding “mompreneur?” Moms are busy people, the responsibilities of raising a family consumes a significant portion of your time. With so much to take care of, is it possible for moms to run a business and handle the pressures of motherhood?

If you’re a mom who’s just started a company, find some inspiration from these 6 stay-at-home moms that broke the boundaries of conventional business and achieved their goal of becoming successful “mompreneurs”. 

1.    Corporate Mom Dropouts – Founded by Lucinda Cross

Finding the time to balance business and family is the most challenging part of being a mompreneur. If you’re not careful, the pressures of business can ruin your relationships at home. Lucinda Cross saw this problem as an opportunity and founded a company on it. 

Today, “corporate mom dropouts” is a wildly successful business that focuses on rebuilding the relationships between moms in business and their kids. Lucinda published her book, “Corporate Mom Dropouts,” in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since.

2.    Buzzy – Founded by Dr. Amy Baxter

Is your kid scared of needles? This phobia is common among children, and Dr. Amy Baxter decided to create a business model that catered to ease this fear. Buzzy, is a toy used to entertain kids receiving shots. 

The product takes their mind off the brief moment of pain by attracting their attention to a cartoon bee during the administration of medications. The company received a $1 million grant from the National Institutes of Health, and the rest is history.

3.    Baby Einstein – Founded by Julie Aigner-Clark

This series of books and videos, created by Julie Aigner-Clark, teach kids about art, poetry, music, and language. From humble beginnings in the basement of their family home, the business grew to astronomical heights. The Disney Corporation acquired the company for the tidy sum of $20 million, making Baby Einstein an outstanding success for Julie and her family.

4.    Carissa Rose – Founded by Carissa Brown

The best business ideas come from recognizing market niches not yet exploited by big business. This fact rings true in the case of Carissa Brown and her fashion label, Carissa Rose. The label designs clothes for full-figured women that struggle to find garments in their size. A full-time mom, Carissa worked on the business in her spare time, and persistence paid off. Today, Carissa Rose is an international brand, and the company employs her kids. 

5.    Bella Tunno – Michelle Tunno Buelow

When Michelle Buelow fell pregnant, she took a salary cut of 50% to stay at home with her newborn. Michelle quickly discovered that she struggled to make ends meet by making clothes and accessories for her baby, such as changing pads, from cheap items. 

Friends saw her ideas and wanted her to make them some for their kids as well. Bella capitalized on the concept and turned her small home business into a going concern that produces more than $1 million of turnover every year.

6.    What’s up for Kids – Cathy Alessandra

This tale of persistence will inspire any aspiring mompreneur. Cathy started her first newsletter “What’s up for kids,” in 1995, back when there was a lack of literature for kid’s events. After printing her first thousand copies, she ran into numerous stumbling blocks on the way to building an empire. Today, “What’s up for kids” is a 32-page publication with advertising revenues and a monthly circulation of over 20,000 copies.

The Final Thought

All it takes to make a success of a home business is tenacity and persistence, along with the drive and passion for making your dreams a reality. On your way to establishing your empire, take advice from mentors, create compelling marketing campaigns and use stylish mailers to build your brand and achieve success. Keep pushing for your dreams and never give up.

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