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5 Ways to Encourage a Health-Conscious Workplace

Posted: March 30, 2019 at 1:51 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Stress at work has cost the US industry about $300 billion a year due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, turnover, and medical and insurance costs. Moreover, the American Psychological Association reports that about 52 percent of Americans consider workplace stress as a huge factor when hunting for a job, deciding to accept a promotion, or resigning from a job altogether. 

Because of this, more and more businesses are starting to pay more attention to their corporate wellness programs to ensure that their employees are in tip-top condition and to maintain productivity in the company.

If your business currently faces this dilemma, it should be high time to take the following measures to achieve a health-conscious workplace.

Provide Healthier Meal Options

Diet plays an important role in one’s health, and when only unhealthy food options are accessible to your employees, that can take a toll on their health. Ditch the donuts and cake when giving out snacks to the team; for sure, there are other healthier alternatives that you can offer.

Aside from stocking your pantry with healthy snacks, you can also offer healthy lunches for free. You may also consider looking for vending machine suppliers that provide healthy snacks. This way, they are not tempted to hit the nearest fast food chain for lunch every time.

Let Them Stretch 

Having a desk job may seem like the least of the jobs that can cause physical stress to an individual, but even sitting all day can have bitter health consequences. Aside from the usual strains on the shoulders and neck, sitting all day can cause muscle degeneration and even organ damage in the long term.

To prevent this, allow your employees some time to get up from their desks and do some stretching or walking around. Aside from reminding them to take a stretch break, you may also consider installing standing desks in the office to encourage your employees to feel more energized no matter their tasks. 

Have a Workout Space

If you have an extra room in your office, you may transform it into a workout area where employees can hold Zumba sessions or yoga classes. You can also opt to include some workout equipment to motivate your team to be more physically active.

If your budget permits it, you can also go the extra mile by giving out free or discounted gym memberships to every regular employee. Giving them such options should motivate them to focus more on their physical health

Establish a Smoke-Free Environment

It’s no news that smoking can cause serious damage not just to the user’s health, but also to everyone around them. It can cause a wide range of health conditions and can decrease your oxygen saturation upon using an SpO2 sensor.

If you are keen on creating a healthy work environment for your employees, establish a firm no-smoking policy within the company premises. Another option is to assign a specific smoking area that’s far enough from other employees.

Provide a Clean Workplace

Spare some time to assess your work environment for any existing health hazards. Broken ventilation or heating systems can affect one’s health. Bad lighting in the office may also lead to poor eyesight or be a cause for potential workplace accidents. Make sure to fix all malfunctioning systems that may cause illness or injuries. 

It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure a safe and healthy work environment such as safety training in Vaughan. Aside from these, ensure a clean work environment by sanitizing your facility once in a while to reduce the buildup of dust and other allergens that can trigger untoward health reactions or illness outbreaks. 

Keeping your workforce healthy is a must, but exerting extra effort in ensuring that they are in their best condition can not only benefit them physically but also give them satisfaction and fulfillment in their jobs. At the end of the day, your company will be the one to reap what you’ve sown.

The views, ideas, thoughts and opinions expressed, are those of the persons appearing on the program or in a contributing role and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Enterprise Podcast Network – EPN. 

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