5 Ways to Decide on a Small Business Accountant

You’ve grown your business and outgrown your Excel accounting spreadsheets. You are starting up a company and you need accounts advice. Or, you are tired of spending hours on your books and still making mistakes and realize you need assurance and audit services. In any of these cases, you do need an accountant.

Small businesses function more efficiently with professional accounting expertise. While it may be possible to handle your accounts yourself, you gain in many ways when you employ an accountant. So, what should you be searching for? When looking for accountants central Londonor accountants in Bristol, businesses make a sound decision based on the following factors:

1. Check You’re Speaking the Same Language

Ensure your accountant is communicating clearly and speaking plain English when they work with you. Since tax can be a complex area, you need someone who explains things so you can understand. You need to know why they advise you to take certain positions and be confident you fully understand what they tell you. It also helps your business relationship when you are all communicating clearly. In addition, choose an accountant who knows about your industry so you can talk to them with ease about specific issues affecting your company.

2. Make Sure the Size Fits

Choose an accountant experienced in working with companies of your size. Small businesses have different needs from large multinationals. Remember to also build in opportunities for growth, since you expect your company to expand in the future. Pick your accountancy partner by looking at their experience and how it fits with your organisation.

3. Look For a Business Advisor, Not Just an Accountant

Accountants do more than crunch numbers. Decide on your accountant by looking at how they help you in in-depth ways, for example how to save tax ethically and legally, and how to develop your business in the current financial climate. Pick a business advisor rather than simply an accountant.

4. Search For Experience and Qualifications

You need someone experienced and qualified. That goes without saying. Make sure your accountant is certified and qualified so you have a back-up if any of their advice is mistaken. You will also need to be sure that your accountant operates in an ethical and professional manner. Recommendations will help you ascertain whether this is the case.

5. Look for a Proactive and Creative Partner

Search for someone who will truly make a difference to your business over the long and short term. A proactive accountant is a valuable addition to your team. Look for accountants who go the extra mile to make your business life more productive and efficient. Hiring an accountant is not cheap and it pays to work with the best you can afford. Look for individuals and firms that develop strong relationships with their clients to help them grow and develop.

Searching for an accountant is a tough job but you can find someone ideally suited to your needs by spending a little time and attention on these points. Put in the groundwork now and you’ll benefit from a more productive business in the future.

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