5 Unique Ways To Generate Leads With PR

When it comes to generating more leads, PR can sometimes be one of the best forms of marketing for this. You will need to get creative and not make it too obvious you need more leads and sales when creating press releases and any other PR ploys. Often using PR will attract the right kind of audiences, especially if your company news is posted and published in the right places. PR doesn’t only need to be in the news, it can also be at events, on social media and by speaking in person to existing contacts. Here are 5 unique ways to generate leads with PR…

1. Outsource the work to renowned digital marketing agencies

If you don’t feel like you’re making enough leads through your PR tactics, you can always outsource the work to professionals, such as digital marketing agencies. Usually, digital pr agencies have many years in the field and specifically focus on marketing. Therefore, they will have used trial and error on multiple occasions to work out what gets the best results when it comes down to digital marketing. It’s worth finding an agency that will manage the PR side of your business if you don’t have time or just need some fresh ideas. Make sure you find agencies that have existing clients and reviews so you know they’re trustworthy and legitimate. Weighing up the results they have had with other clients in a similar industry to your business will be beneficial to you.

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2. Attend events to get your name out there

It can be more unique to get PR leads at events and by showing your face, this is more personal and you will likely be remembered in person much more than if you’re speaking to someone over the phone. Attending the right kind of events can be advantageous to gain leads and help you with your business PR. Making connections is always beneficial for any business, even if it isn’t directly marketing related, you never know what could happen in the future.

3. Write press releases that create interesting news

One of the main ways to directly create leads from your PR is through writing, engaging, and capturing press releases. You need to make your business or company stand out and shock people or make some kind of impact on their lives. This will also only work if you get the press releases published in places that have a high readership. You should also make sure the readership consists of your lead target audience, if it isn’t, you’ll need to get your press releases published elsewhere.

4. Use your existing contacts

PR is all about using your existing contacts and building a database of contacts all over the industry. The more contacts you have, the more publicised press releases you will get, and therefore hopefully leads. If you aren’t having much luck with finding new leads, you can always outsource your PR to digital marketing agencies that have a massive list of contacts within the media.

5. Post on social media

If you want to generate more PR leads by using social media, you will need to use the right hashtags for your target audience and post engaging captions and images. You can even approach companies and media like newspapers, to post your news on their story or page. For those who have already arranged the publication of press releases in newspapers and magazines, make sure they’re posting about these on their social media platforms, too.

Now that you know there are many ways to stay unique when it comes to generating leads with PR, what are you waiting for? If time is a problem for you, you can outsource your PR to a successful digital marketing agency who has years of experience and will pretty much guarantee you results. Good luck with your leads and we hope you can maximise the ways in which you use PR to get some profitable results.

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