5 Unique Ways to Eradicate Boredom Blues From the Office

Whether you’re commanding a startup or managing an established business, this is certain: All work and no play makes for dull employees.  In fact, studies show that incorporating convivial activities in the workplace can actually boost employee morale and stimulate productivity in the office. With this in mind, here are a few unique ideas that are guaranteed to shake up your office and brush off boredom blues.

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Get Workers Moving

It’s no secret that exercise is a surefire way to energize the mind and increase productivity.  But there’s also scientific proof that exercise on the job is critical in crushing boredom and getting employees fired up on the job.  Therefore, consider making space in the office that encourages employee fitness sessions. 

This could be as simple as providing yoga mats for stretching sessions during a specified time during the workday.  Or, you can get elaborate by getting a group membership at a nearby gym and allowing employees to work out there during the workweek. You could also entertain the idea of investing in walking desks (also known as treadmill desks) to encourage physical movement and stave off doldrums on the job.

Encourage “Family Meal”

If you’re at all familiar with the culinary industry, you might be aware of something called “family meal.” This is when cooks, waitstaff, and restaurant workers all gather together to break bread and enjoy a meal together at work.  In the same spirit, encourage workplace camaraderie by designating a few days during the week to gather your workers together and enjoy a meal.  

The key to this boredom-busting tip is to have all your workers enjoy mealtime together. This encourages communication, exchanges of ideas, socialization, and other benefits that keep employees engaged and vibrant.

Surprise Employees With an Unexpected Treat

There’s no better way to bust boredom blues in the office than presenting staff with an unexpected gift or treat. As a business owner, do yourself and your employees a favor by giving the gift of Spoonful, which delivers an array of different and delightful goodies that will reignite your team’s morale.  Corporate gifts for your crew can go a long way to enhancing employee loyalty, and it’s also a brilliant way to say “thank you” to the hard-working folks that make your business possible.

Plan a Group Getaway

While not an in-office activity, a group trip with your staff is still effective in eradicating employee ennui.  This doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant (although it certainly can be – especially if you’ve had a killer fiscal year or quarter).  A tour of a local destination of interest can do the trick.  

You can make a group trip both fun and educational by taking your work clan out on a tour to a museum or a manufacturing plant that is germane to your business niche.  Or, you could even take your group out for a wine-tasting event in a beautiful, natural setting. The point here is that employees, managers, and business owners who play together are more likely going to work better together.  Additionally, your workers will never tire of telling stories about the trips you’ve all taken together.

Spruce Up the Workplace

If your workspace is “blah,” odds are your employees are bored.  Therefore, consider giving your office a facelift.  And if you think office decor has nothing to do with employee mentality or energy levels – think again.  According to Forbes, 15% of employees claimed to feel more creative and energized while working in a fresh, tastefully decorated office atmosphere.  The same report revealed that a whopping 87% of employees craved a more pleasant, healthier workplace and claimed these office changes would motivate them to work better, and stay longer at their jobs.


As an entrepreneur, small business owner, or corporate executive officer – you know your success is only as good as your employees.  Therefore, it’s crucial to keep them motivated by keeping boredom at bay.  

You don’t have to spend a load of dough. Just a few simple changes, or a couple of weekly shared meals can mean all the difference in improved employee morale. We hope these tips on eradicating boredom blues from the office help you shake things up so you can start seeing real enhancements in employee attitude and productivity.

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