5 Top Sites To Buy Discord Members From In 2021

If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, then buying Discord members might be just what you need. Earthweb has compiled a list of 15 best sites to buy Discord members for your servers, and they all have one thing in common – they all provide fast service that will increase your popularity. This article also will go through the top five websites where you can buy Discord members.

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What are the pros of buying Discord members? 

A Discord server with a large number of members will appear to be more popular and active. Purchasing Discord users will provide you with extra social proof, which will entice more people to join your server and help it develop at a faster rate.

Is it safe to buy Discord members?

Yes. Buying Discord members for your server is completely secure. In reality, FameMass.com claims that even if the acquired Discord subscribers are determined as bots, the Discord member accounts will be removed and not the server.

Top sites to buy Discord members from:


At this point in time, Gramlike is the most convenient site to get discord members from. Apart from selling Discord members, Gramlike also offers various social media services. It was created by gamers with the goal of delivering distinct, professional, and helpful services for all types of internet communities, including gaming ones.

When it comes to purchasing Discord Members, Gramlike provides more than simply low prices. They also deliver the fastest on the market, and they can add members to a server in about an hour after you submit your purchase. They also make sure that all of the Discord users have genuine avatars.


Discord members may also be purchased on PlayerUp, an online community where you can trade and purchase them. This site is ideal for creating personalized orders, as it allows you to customize your purchase. However, keep in mind that when you utilize their services, you will not obtain 100 percent fast delivery services every time. Rather than being a marketplace, this platform resembles more of a social media forum. It does not deal with these goods directly.

It is, nevertheless, an excellent alternative for people who want to advertise their server without spending a lot of money.

Fiverr Gigs 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy method to increase your Discord community size, check out Fiverr.com. The procedure of acquiring them here is also simple: simply pick from the Fivver gig depending on your budget, then simply include a link to your Discord server so the vendors may add your members.


Here’s a company that only accepts cryptocurrency. However, they provide a Discord bot for selling memberships that may be integrated into your server. The biggest benefit of this platform is the low prices, although it does have longer wait times than its rivals. It also takes different cryptocurrencies, so you won’t be restricted to only Bitcoin or Litecoin if you use it.


Surprisingly, there are also many Discord service providers on UpWork. Simply, create a job post letting freelancers know what you’re looking for and you’re sure to connect with a seller in no time; even if it may cost a little more than usual.

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