5 Tips to setting up a business phone service

For any business to blossom, it needs to focus on some crucial elements to attract customers and increase sales. This often involves engaging clients in some business decisions and establishing an effective communication strategy. Simply put, a flourishing business needs to answer to its client’s every beck and call. The best way for business owners to achieve this level of engagement is by setting up efficient business phone services.

If you’ve been thinking of launching a business phone service, there are certain things to consider. For instance, you’ll need to conduct prior research to identify potential clients who might require your distinct phone services.

Here are 5 tips to setting a business phone service:

  • Pick a unique toll-free business number

It’s every business owner’s desire to build a unique brand that’s renowned far and wide. This uniqueness is not only manifested in the logo and business letterhead but also in the distinct business number you choose for the company. Some entrepreneurs prefer choosing a standard number starting with 800 while others simply go for vanity numbers that customers can remember with ease. Although vanity business numbers are a tad pricier, they often come in handy when advertising. You can get a variety of business phone systems without having to dent your wallet.

  • Choose a phone number that should receive clients’ voice calls

When you finally select your preferred toll-free number, the next process should involve routing all business-related calls to your distinct landline number or cell phone. This shouldn’t take you long. The selected number can be changed whenever you like. You can configure the caller ID option on your phone to display the toll-free business number when someone calls. This alerts you that the incoming call concerns business.

  • Set your call delivery and routing options

You can configure your toll-free line according to certain routing preferences. It all depends on the various needs of your business. You can effectively set your toll-free line to call specific client numbers between 8 am and 6 pm, then switch to an entirely different client list between 6 pm and 11 pm. This allows you to customize call delivery options and save this customization to your distinct account. Calls coming from different area codes can also be routed to receive special messages or voicemail.

  • Include a cool announcement service

Whenever you make a call to the help desk of any established firm, you’re often met with an automated voice message that guides you through the call. You should similarly aim to introduce a toll-free announcement feature that guides clients to specific services and departments whenever they call. This is especially helpful if you’re planning to expand your business or increase departments. For instance, a customer who calls your business line should be directed to “press 1 for all customer service related calls” and so on.

  • Select a unique ringing tone to identify business calls

The cell phone or landline synced to your toll-free business line should ring distinctively from your personal number. This will help you differentiate business-related calls from non-official calls. More importantly, always ensure that your business line is online.

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