5 Tips For Finding Affordable Internet Services

With so many choices these days, it has become quite confusing to find affordable Internet services. So many Internet service providers (ISPs) boast of getting you the speed you need, at the price you want. But, only a few of these ISPs actually live up to this tagline.   

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Intense competition among Internet service providers, such as OCCOM, is often beneficial to consumers as companies are forced to improve their services and get creative with their offers to increase the number of their subscribers and retain existing ones.

Whether you’re looking to find the service provider that offers the most budget-friendly plans, fastest technology, or the best value for money, this article got your covered. Here are the best tips in finding the most affordable Internet service providers in your area:

  • Determine the ISP operating in your locality 

Before being able to choose the right Internet service provider, do you homework and find out the providers present in your area. Take note that ISP services and presence are dependent on the Internet infrastructure already in place in a certain locality. If you live in a rather remote area, expect to have fewer options.    

As Internet services are largely hinged on the technological structures and resources in a certain area, the speed, price, and other key offers may also vary. Don’t rely on the mass distributed flyers and brochures from a specific ISP because, in reality, you may not always enjoy the complete package for the price you’re paying.    

  • Figure out your Internet use requirements

Come up with a rough estimate of your basic Internet upload and download speeds, and the data limit you need on a regular basis. Consider the following factors when calculating your Internet requirements:

  • Number of devices connected to your Internet
  • Major uses for each device 
  • Download and upload use for each device 
  • Video and audio streaming and conferencing needs 

It goes without saying that the higher the number of devices and the heavier download, upload, and streaming services you and your family need, the higher Internet data allocation and speed is recommended.    

  • Compare plans, pricing, speeds, and other features

Make a table and fill it out with the essential features that include price, speed, package inclusions, customer ratings, and additional fees, for when you exceed your data usage limits.   

From the table, you’ll be able to determine which company offers the fastest speed at the most affordable price, as well as the one that offers the highest data caps and the most reliable connection. One service provider may not have all these important elements, so choose which features are the most important for you. Also, check whether these companies offer discounts and promotions in your area.     

  • Find out if they have special offers

As earlier mentioned, some internet providers offer promos in specific areas. Low introductory prices are typically offered by ISPs newly operating in a specific area, and this could range from waived installation fees to 50% or other percentage discounts on your monthly bills for a limited period.  In other cases, Internet companies may also offer packages or add-on services, such as cable TV and phone plans.    

However, don’t fall prey to potential offers that can cause you to pay higher fees down the line. Consider computing the cost of a one-year subscription for each ISP to choose the most bang for the buck offer. Make sure that you won’t be charged exorbitant fees once the promo period expires.   

  • Consider switching to a better ISP

If you have an existing Internet service provider, try to compare your current service with the offers of the other companies. However, be careful as the other promising ISP companies may not be able to keep their promise of offering you the greatest speeds, at the cheapest prices. Why not try crowdsourcing to check the claims of other providers?   

If you’re sure to have found an overall best Internet provider, consider switching to a new one. However, do this only after reviewing the service contract you signed with your current Internet provider. Check the terms of early service termination to know what your obligations are. Consider yourself lucky if your existing ISP doesn’t charge termination fees. Otherwise, wait until the deal with your existing provider expires. 

Final Thoughts

With so many people working and studying from home, it’s no wonder that the former Internet requirements are no longer viable. And, this situation may remain until the next few months. After following the tips discussed in this article, hopefully, you’re able to come up with an informed decision in choosing the most affordable Internet service provider, with no regrets.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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