5 Things You Must Know About Porcelain Veneers

A beautiful smile can create a lasting impression. However, not everyone is confident about their smile, mainly because of the condition of their teeth. Misaligned, discoloured or crooked teeth are some reasons that may take away a person’s confidence to smile freely in public. When a person is facing these dental issues, they are likely to turn to cosmetic procedures like porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of their teeth.  

Porcelain veneers
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Porcelain veneers are a great solution to treat teeth imperfections like broken teeth, discoloured teeth, small teeth, crooked teeth or oddly shaped teeth. If you consider investing in porcelain veneers for a smile makeover, here are five things you must know about.  

  1. Porcelain Veneers Are Permanent 

Porcelain veneers are thin, semi-translucent shells that are fixed over the natural teeth to change their appearance. Dental veneers allow easy alteration of the shape, size, colour, or length of the teeth. Despite being wafer-thin, porcelain shells are sturdy and resistant to damages. This means, once fixed, porcelain veneers don’t wear out, get fractured or be affected by temperature changes. Moreover, they are resistant to stains because of the coating that keeps them looking bright and white. With proper care, you can expect your porcelain veneers to last for up to 20 years. If you check out this dentist in Manchester MO, they’ll advise you to limit sweets and not to use your teeth as tools to make your veneers last.


  1. Porcelain Veneers Look Natural 

  Porcelain veneers look very similar to your natural teeth. After placing veneers, you may notice tiny grooves or bumps just like you find on your natural teeth. Remember that porcelain veneers are designed to give you a beautiful smile, and it is possible to achieve the same only with natural-looking teeth.    

  1. Porcelain Veneer Procedure Requires Multiple Appointments 

For the porcelain veneer procedure to be completed successfully, you must visit your dentist multiple times. At your initial appointment, you can expect your dentist to take x-rays and an impression of your bite. The dentist will grind your tooth to reduce its thickness during the next appointment and prepare it for the veneers. The second mould of your teeth will be taken, and before you leave the clinic, your dentist will find fir temporary plastic veneers. Once your customised veneers are ready, you will be called to the dental clinic again to get them fixed permanently. The temporary veneers will be removed, your teeth will be cleaned, and the new porcelain veneers will be selected.  

  1. Porcelain Veneers Require Time To Bond 

Veneers take some time to bond to your natural teeth. Hence, it is recommended to avoid eating hard items to avoid putting pressure on them. If you have recently got porcelain veneers fixed to your teeth, you must avoid opening bottles, biting nails, or eating ice.  

  1. Porcelain Veneers Are Not Meant For Everyone 

To have veneers fixed, your teeth need to be healthy. So, if you have dental issues like tooth decay, gum disease, filling, etc., you aren’t a candidate for porcelain veneers. To know if you can get porcelain veneers fixed to your teeth, it is best to consult your dentist in Sunshine.

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