5 Reasons to Use Programmatic Advertising

Whether you are a digital marketer or an entrepreneur, there is an essential thing to consider — programmatic advertising is the future of delivering ads to the audience with less effort and maximum effectiveness. 

Even though people define multiple reasons to take advantage of programmatic ads, we are about to emphasize only the major ones, which really make this technology a game-changer.

But let’s get closer to the programmatic advertising first.

What’s Essential in Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is a high-end technology in digital marketing that grows and popularizes rapidly — the principle of advertising done programmatically lies in automated media buying. The technology itself is conceivable through auction bidding made real-time as well as through a fixed-price ad buying. 

The web world allows performing programmatic advertising on versatile digital channels that are beneficial to your business. Moreover, programmatic ads aim to get control over the media buying, expenses and returns measurement right back to the marketer. Using this technology together with an accurate demand side platform, you can modify the campaigns without stopping them, achieving your goals with the most relevant outcome.

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Why Use Programmatic Advertising for Your Business?

According to eMarketer reports & forecasts for 2019, the budget for programmatic ad spending in Germany reaches $2.03 billion, while the amount for programmatic ad market in the UK is about $7.59 billion! The same forecasts show that US advertisers are about to spend $60 billion for programmatic display this year.

If the technology captures such huge money worldwide, there should be standing out advantages over traditional advertising. And here they are.  

1. Anti-Fraud Approach

The thing is that the lion’s share of money spent on your regular display advertising is in vain. Why? Because the bulk of your costs go for irrelevant traffic sources that do not bring you leads at all. Thus, fraud & various bots waste your budget. 

Here the technology of programmatic advertising allows you to monitor and control media buying so that you can be sure that the money you spend comes back in the form of profit, and you reach your target audience. Furthermore, valid and reliable platforms for programmatic ad buying let you obstruct several types of frauds, so you reduce or at least minimize the risks and the wastage.

2. Fast Development

With programmatic advertising, there are plenty of opportunities to win clients with your media campaigns. Thanks to advancements in the programmatic ad buying, you get more relevant channels and capabilities to tune the campaigns to bring the best results. 

The advertising done programmatically allows you to forecast the entire campaign performance, have correct and accurate predictions for the expected investments & returns, and even dive into rapidly-growing digital channels that far more mobile, intelligent, and result-driven.

3. Smart Investments

Traditional advertising allows paying money to multiple intermediaries like publishers, agencies, etc. So, the actual budget spent on the campaign is lower than the instant investments. With the right platforms for programmatic advertising, all the costs you invest and the chains of their distribution are entirely transparent. 

With programmatic ads, you can monitor the fees in every chain so that to spend money wisely. The plan of advertising here allows you to save costs and buy more media so to make your ad buying more productive.

4. Brand Safety

The quality of media displayed alongside with your brand is an influencer that makes your ad campaign successful or failed. The brand-safe environment is what you need to opt for when launching ads related to your brand, products, or services. Unfortunately, traditional advertising can’t make sure your ads will not display together with the content that may be offensive. 

This is where the technology of programmatic advertising comes in handy. Platforms devoted to programmatic marketing have particular options and teams that aim to sort out all the media inventory and deliver only quality ads to your potential clientele. So, you can reduce all possible risks and make your media be shown safe.

5. More Coherent Ads

Ad relevance is the key as there is no chance for conversion if you will show the media related to the service or product your potential customer has already purchased or bought. It is just like throwing money down the drain. If your ads are irrelevant or useless, people start blocking them, and, as a result, you fail the entire campaign.

Programmatic advertising platforms help to avoid such a bad experience allowing you to reach only relevant and fresh data about your target audience so you can serve contextual ads that matter.

By keeping all this in mind, you can carefully evaluate the necessity of programmatic advertising and adopt it to your business just in time.

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