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5 Modifications To Make On Your Car To Give It A New Look

White Car Parking on the Road at Daytime
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Everyone loves personalization and the same goes for car lovers. Modifications are a great way to personalize your car and give a new look to your car if it has been on the tracks for a long time. If you are a car-enthusiast who couldn’t settle for what you drove off the showroom, here are some fantastic modifications you could give to your car for a fresh new look:

  • Sports pedals and sports covers

If you love car-racing as a sport, you probably would find sports cars fascinating and interesting. But if sports cars are out of your budget, you could even get a racetrack worthy look on your current car. Gift your car a pair of brand new sports pedals and refurbish your car’s interiors to inspire a sleek sporty look. 

Seat covers could change the look of any car immensely and putting them up requires very little effort. Sports seat covers could upgrade the look of any car but it would delight the sports car enthusiasts the most. Try out this option to complete the sporty look of your car.

  • Brand new tyres and suspension

This might come off as something very elementary, but changing your old tyres and installing brand new tyres could add to the look of your car a lot. New tyres could easily make your old car look new. Apart from the looks’ benefits, new tyres could also add to the performance of the car. Expect better mileage and traction, better grip, and thus better safety. 

Suspensions could help you alter the height of your car. As long as you keep in line with the legally prescribed height, you could customize the suspension of your car with shock absorbers, springs etc. If you are looking for a good place that could help you get the upgrades you have in mind for your old car, you should click here.

  • Tinted windows

Tinted windows add a whole new sleek look to your vehicle. If your interiors aren’t well maintained, tinted windows could cover up for that, and dampen the old look of the vehicle by a large extent. Tinted windows also have an added utility of making your windows less prone to cracking, and also protecting your interiors by blocking 99% of the UV radiations from the sunlight. 

  • Vinyl wrap and chrome tint

Vehicle wraps are a great help when you want to modify and protect your car at the same time. Vinyl wraps could help you make the idea of your dream car into a reality. Vinyl wraps offer extensive customization options and alongside provide fantastic protection to the exteriors of your car. At Sterlings Customs, you could choose the best design and color that will add an accent to your car without the high cost and time of a paint job.

You could get vinyl wraps specifically for particular car parts or for the whole vehicle as well. Alongside the wraps, creating generous edges or sleek lines with a chrome trim could add a striking definition and detail to the car. A car trim may seem very insignificant, but the chrome detailing could add massively to the aesthetics of the car.

  • LED Headlights

Headlights could immensely change the look of any car in the night. If you’re still using the dim yellowtail and headlamps, you should definitely try using LED or high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. The LED lights take away from the monotonous and boring yellow light and replace it with an exciting and sporty tint of cold white or blue.

When it comes to personalization, one accessory that can give your car the most personal touch is a private registration plate. You can select a number and letter combination that will allow you to express yourself. And it will be 100% unique!”

If you are exploring some budget options to give your old hatchback a new look, these simple yet efficient tips may greatly come to your rescue. Don’t forget to try them out for a splendid and fresh look for your car.

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