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5 Master’s Degrees That Can Help Entrepreneurs Succeed

Posted: November 28, 2016 at 7:42 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Are you interested in starting a small business, but looking for a degree program that will provide you with an overview of how to operate in the business world? Consider pursuing a graduate degree in one of the following areas.


Many new entrepreneurs dream of the day they’ll have a staff to manage, and the day may be closer than they think. A graduate degree in management will provide students with important skills in human resource management, inventory management, project management, and more. These skills are critical in both getting a new business venture off the ground and successfully navigating critical growth periods for the young company.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

If you think innovation cannot be taught, think again. There are many graduate degree programs available in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation. These programs will be of particular use to students who wish to enter the business arena but have yet to select a single business idea to pursue. Those with a technical degree or experience in another non-business sector will learn important business skills such as management, best business practices, how to obtain investment funding, how to manage financial and human resources, and how to start a small business the right way.


Accounting is a critical area of knowledge for business owners. In larger businesses, accountants are typically hired to manage a company’s books. But for small businesses and start-ups, it is often the company’s founder that is responsible for this task. Whether you are considering starting a business in the area of accounting or you simply wish to become an expert in bookkeeping before starting your own business, a graduate degree in accounting is your best bet for preparation.

Business Administration (MBA)

The average start-up company founder is more likely to have experience in the business sector they are specializing in, rather than business administration itself, and should learn more about business before trying to start one. A graduate degree in business administration will provide entrepreneurs with valuable in the areas of economics, financial management, statistical methods, as well as skills in a variety of other areas critical to success in the business world. This degree will prove particularly useful to entrepreneurs who are planning to maintain control of their business beyond the start-up stage – investors will be more interested in businesses headed by people with business degrees. Consider programs at major universities like the University of Maryland.

Organizational Informatics
This is a developing field that combines informatics, business management, and information technology. A graduate degree in organizational informatics can provide entrepreneurs with the high-tech skills they need to successfully plan complex systems to support their business, analyze their workflow patterns effectively, and to mine large consumer data sets to improve their products and enhance the likelihood that their businesses will be a success. With the added benefit of providing experience on the information technology side of things, this is a high-tech degree for those who want to be successful in our high tech world.

A graduate degree in a business-related field provides entrepreneurs with knowledge of business practices, valuable business connections, and a credential to impress potential investors. Whether you attend classes in person or online, a graduate degree can boost your chances of entrepreneurial success.

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