5 Key Takeaways on Federal Pacific Panel Breakers

The circuit breakers installed inside your panel are specifically designed to protect your home from any serious electrical problems developing and help to prevent a fire from developing.

If you have a home that was built between 1950 and 1990 there is a high chance that you will have a Federal Pacific breaker installed. The older-style versions of these breakers need to be replaced with a modern alternative in order to comply with current safety standards and regulations.

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Here are some key points to consider about Federal Pacific breakers:

Older versions may not turn off as expected

The older Federal Pacific breakers that need upgrading were built with no ground wire. This means that every time there is a power surge there is a chance that the fuses inside these breakers may not cope with high levels of electricity.

If your breaker is blowing out regularly, you should check to see if you have an old version that needs replacing.

Don’t assume that other brands are immune from problems

Although Federal Pacific breakers from a previous generation of housebuilding tend to get adverse headlines on their own, you should be aware that other brands from this era are just as problematic.

It is essential to research what you have in your home and get an electrical expert to take a look and tell you how safe your system is and if the breakers need replacing.

You run a higher risk of fire

An old breaker that does not meet current regulations or safety standards is far more likely to present a fire hazard than its modern counterpart.

Old Federal Pacific breakers don’t meet current safety standards. That means they could actually start a fire if something goes wrong.

If you think that you have these outdated versions installed they should be replaced immediately.

A fix is available, but not advisable

It is actually possible to apply a fix to the old Federal Pacific breaker in an attempt to make them safer.

In theory, you could replace the fuses with modern alternatives. However, that is a short-term solution that is not the best option. If you really want to prevent electrical problems from developing you need to replace your old breakers as soon as possible.

You might not be insured

A key point to consider about the old Federal Pacific breakers that could be in your home is that many insurers won’t cover you for loss if you have these installed in your property.

The outdated versions are banned by the National Electric Code. If you have an outdated Federal Pacific breaker installed in your electrical panel you run the risk of not being insured against fire and damage caused by an electrical fault.

It should go without saying that you must have circuit breakers installed that meet current safety standards. You need the latest versions for peace of mind as well as for insurance purposes.

Get your breakers checked over by a professional and make sure you have the latest and safest version installed in your home.

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