5 High-Tech Solutions for Restaurant Businesses

Running a restaurant can be hectic and stressful, so it should be no surprise that the technology industry is working hard to make owning and managing a restaurant easier. No matter how large or small the restaurant, technology can save employees time while improving customer service for patrons.

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Tech Tool 1: Tabletop Tablets Or Kiosks

Tabletop tablets save time for both waitstaff and diners. These tablets make ordering drink refills, appetizers and desserts easier. With a few taps, diners can place their order directly with the kitchen. Waitstaff minimize the time spent checking on individual tables and can provide quicker service overall.

Diners will save time when they pay for their meal at the kiosk. Restaurants with a rewards program can link their rewards program to the kiosk and allow diners to earn and redeem rewards with a few clicks of a button.

Tech Tool 2: Restaurant Scheduling Apps

The restaurant manager’s most difficult task is scheduling employees. Instead of using complicated paper schedules that need to be adjusted, technology can make this process easier and less time-consuming. A restaurant scheduling app gives the manager the ability to automatically create schedules that take into account each employee’s availability.

Restaurant scheduling apps benefit employees. Employees can view their schedule easily through the app. If an employee needs to swap shifts, they can request a schedule change through the app. Instead of checking multiple schedules to find coverage, the app finds an available employee. All the manager needs to do is approve the request.

Tech Tool 3: Digital Inventory Trackers And Automatic Purchasing Tools

Diners don’t like to hear that a restaurant can’t make their signature dish because of an inventory shortage. Restaurant managers and head chefs can take control of their inventory and ordering with a digital inventory tracking system.

Instead of relying on paper invoices and old-fashioned ledgers, digital inventory systems help managers stay informed about when to order ingredients. These systems also can keep track of the costs per ingredient and per dish in order to track profit margins. These systems can help restaurant owners understand which dishes are more popular and adjust prices accordingly.

Tech Tool 4: Digital Table And Reservation Manager

Eliminate inconvenient paper systems and markers with a digital table and reservation manager. These systems maximize your restaurant’s seating arrangement. With these systems, the host will be able to easily assign tables equitably to servers. Diners will spend less time waiting and more time enjoying their food.

These systems often allow for easy reservations by phone or online. Patrons can reserve a table without speaking with an employee directly. Some systems create an automatic waitlist. Instead of writing down names by hand, these systems allow diners to provide their phone number to reserve their table. When a table is ready, the reservation system will call or text the waiting patron. An automated reservation system frees up your employees for taking care of more patrons. These digital solutions also eliminate the need for pagers or buzzers, which can be unsanitary and faulty.

Tech Tool 5: Delivery Service Apps

Delivery is not just for pizza anymore. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery service apps helped restaurants stay open and allowed diners to enjoy their favorite meals. Instead of dining in the restaurant, diners could order meals from participating restaurants and in under an hour have their food dropped off on their doorstep.

Delivery service apps allow diners to select and customize their meals. The apps also often provided meal descriptions and nutritional information. Some restaurants also offer special discounts through the app in order to attract new fans. When a diner searches for a specific type of food in the app, they will see all of the restaurants in that area.

Restaurant owners should note that these apps do have their drawbacks. In order to list a restaurant on a delivery service app, the restaurant agrees to share a percentage of the sale with the app. Diners also can leave reviews for individual restaurants, which can lead to unwarranted negative reviews.

Technology is important for improving a restaurant’s efficiency and reach. As technology continues to improve, restaurant owners and managers can expect new technological tools that will impact both the front of house and the kitchen.

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