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5 Features Call Center Software Has That Can Boost Productivity

Posted: June 2, 2022 at 4:45 pm / by / comments (0)

Every manager wants to have a highly productive team to boost the income and success rate of the company. That is why most business owners will invest in software that is likely to increase the morale and productivity of the employees.

One of this software is the call center application or platform that helps make things easier and better for call center agents. It is pretty easy for call center agents to be less productive because of the nature of the job and the many types of people they have to interact with daily. Below are some of the best features that you can find in the call center app that will improve your team’s productivity.

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1. The Smart Checklist Feature

This feature is one of the best call center software features. It helps the agents organize their communication and guides them through the call. This feature is designed in a way that celebrates the completion of an excellent flow, which could motivate the agent to keep up the superb work. Checking off achieved targets also helps employees see and appreciate progress, which boosts their productivity.

2. The Dynamic Prompts Feature

The prompts act as a helper to the agent as it displays essential information when they need it. Call center software like Balto has intelligent features that allow it to listen to the conversation and communicate crucial information on the screen for the agent to organize their line of thought or respond to a question. Having essential information like product information and rebuttals keeps the agent active and engaged in conversations.

3. A Dashboard With Individual Call Analysis

One of the best ways to ensure high performance and productivity is to identify the weak points of each individual and help them work through them. A performance analysis will also help you see which agents are making progress and which ones are now. That ensures that you always put your best agents on the most important calls to maximize quality.

4. A Win Rate Analysis Feature

Call center software will have a feature that compares the effectiveness of conversations, picking out the phrases that attract a positive response. Having such a feature can help you create a script with all the correct terms to improve customer service and in urn retail and gain more clients.

5. Instant Feedback on Calls Feature

The best way to improve someone’s performance is by giving them feedback, whether positive or negative. Call center software is smart enough to listen to conversations and come up with helpful feedback that the agent can use to improve their performance and productivity. That helps build a strong brand and a workforce with a high productivity rate.


A call center software should be able to take your business from one level to another with all the intelligent features that make everything easier. The software also helps build better organizational skills among employees and keeps everyone at their best performance. Get one now and see your company’s productivity increase within a short period.

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