5 Benefits to having HR support for small businesses

There is much that goes into running a small business. In fact, there is more that goes into running a business and managing a group of employees that one does not realize this when they found a company.

Human resources support is imperative to having a successful business as they can ensure that employees are getting hired, paid, receiving promised benefits, understand company policies and procedures, are evaluated annually, and receive professional development opportunities. These tasks add up and can take a great deal of time which is why it is important and very helpful to hire HR support, such as HR Service Centre for your small business. This article will highlight some of the tasks that your HR support team will manage for you.

  • Hiring. Recruiting and sustaining employees for your small business can be a full-time job all in itself. It takes a great deal of time to post a position, screen qualified candidates, interview candidates, and then select the best person for the position. After the hiring has taken place, there is the onboarding procedures which often includes collecting materials from the new employee such as paperwork indicating that they are able to work in the country, tax documents, and medical information. As if that was not enough to onboard a new employee, benefits also need to be selected and set up.

  • Employee benefits. After an employee gets hired at a company and they have filed all of their payroll paperwork, it is then necessary to file employee benefits documents. In addition to this task, it is also important for current and retiring employees to also receive benefits. Managing employee benefits can be a full time job as it can take a great deal of effort to keep benefit information organized and filed correctly.

  • Safety and wellness. HR is often in charge of the employee handbook that outlines company policies, procedures, and safety precautions. HR communicates changes or the creation of new policies to employees. Some of the policies listed in the employee handbook that is most important is vacation and sick time information, conduct standards, expectations, and typical information such as reviews and evaluation timelines as well as termination or layoff information.

  • Professional development. The opportunity for your employees to learn new skills, develop, and grow in their position will not only keep them satisfied in working for you, but it will also help your company excel. Research shows that employees who learn new skills and apply them to their job are happier in their position, stay with a company longer, and perform better than their counterparts who do not partake in such opportunities.

  • Evaluation of performance. It is important to communicate company expectations to your employees. One of the ways to do this is to create goals and establish an evaluation process that takes place on an annual basis. This way your employees are aware of how they are being evaluated and what they need to do to maintain their position with your business.

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