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5 Benefits of Investing in Samples and Loops

Posted: January 4, 2019 at 10:08 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Artists usually spend a lot of time writing and producing quality music. There are various tools that come in handy and can greatly assist you as an upcoming or seasoned artist to produce quality music. Samples & loops are among the many resources you use creatively if you want your work to have an edge over others. Here are 5 benefits you can get from investing in these tools.

1.    You Can Play an Instrument You Don’t Have

You want your song to have a variety of sounds from different instruments to have a defining element. Unlike in the past, where you had to put together a whole group of musicians with different instruments for the recording process, you can now simply select any instrument and play it digitally — regardless of your experience with it. You just need to feed in your preferred instruments depending on your song.

2.    Decide What You Want to Include in Your Music

Nowadays, samples and loops come in various formats and a whole load of content. You can easily choose the appropriate format to use in your song, and also get a variety of beats and sounds to blend with your song without having to sample a lot of content. The range of sounds available allows you to exercise your creative skills in a better and more creative way.

3.    Save Time

Recording, editing, and production work can take a lot of time for just a single song. It can even take a whole week or more just to complete one song spending the whole day in the studio. If you instead use samples and loops, and have a quality DAW (Digital Work Station), you can cut the time spent in the studio by more than half. With a few audio recordings, you can then edit, choosing the required loops and arrange them to your liking.

4.    Save Money

Recording and producing music can be quite expensive. Musical instruments are very expensive. Setting up a fully equipped studio requires a significant amount of money. It is the reason producers charge a lot to produce just one song. With advancing technology, however, music software developers are creating software you can use with a simple set up to create some music. You can purchase sample and loops software with a collection of different genres of music to save cash. Most come with numerous samples that you can use instead of recording everything from scratch in a studio.

5.    Create Quality Sounds

This is the ultimate reason for you to invest in samples and loops. With numerous sample that can create variations depending on what you want to produce, you will come up with high-quality tracks. Loops help you decide when to cut or stretch tracks without compromising the quality of your sounds. You can adjust the frequency, insert different beats and refine the tunes and backdrops. You generally have the freedom to create any sound you want.

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