5 Awesome Podcasts To Elevate Your Digital Marketing in 2021

One of the biggest mistakes people make in digital marketing is assuming that it’s a one-and-done thing. Come up with a plan, execute it, and BAM — awesome results are yours forever!

If only it were that easy. 

In reality, your digital marketing strategy is something that needs to be nurtured. What worked well at one point may turn out useless — or even detrimental — a year later. To remain competitive in today’s fast-paced digital environment, you have to be able to keep up with all the changes coming your way.

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Digital marketing podcasts as a hot new resource

Blogs and e-books have been valuable sources of information on digital marketing in the last decade. In recent years, however, marketing podcasts have been making quite a splash!

In the US, 68 million people listen to podcasts weekly. Needless to say, this rapidly-growing audio medium is taking over every niche, digital marketing included.  

Top 5 digital marketing podcasts to follow in 2021

Looking for awesome podcasts to elevate your digital marketing game? Check out our top 5 picks!

1. Not Another Digital Marketing Podcast

The best digital marketing podcasts go beyond talking about just marketing concepts. This podcast is aptly titled Not Another Digital Marketing Podcast because, well… it’s more than your typical info-filled gabfest! 

Though relatively new, this podcast by First Page Digital HK impressed us with its fresh and unique take on digital marketing dialogues. Offering fun yet surprisingly insightful discussions on topics like The Social Dilemma (yup, that viral Netflix documentary) and the BTS marketing puzzle, this awesome podcast sheds new light on marketing through the lenses of life.

2. Community Karma

This podcast talks about digital marketing with a particular focus on community building. In Community Karma, branding and reputation management experts Erin Jones and Carrie Hill discuss how companies can grow their brands holistically and build communities for long-term gain.

If you’re interested in topics like B2B community collaboration, influencer marketing, and case studies, this podcast is for you.

3. Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner

As the title suggests, this podcast is all about social media marketing. If you’re looking to brush up on your knowledge of the latest and greatest strategies in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Quora marketing, Michael Stelzner’s weekly episodes are a must.

One thing we highly appreciate about this podcast is the fact that you get to hear from both celebrated figures and in-the-trenches marketers. It also focuses on giving actionable advice, providing much-needed clarity in the often buzzword-filled world of digital marketing.

4. The Search Engine Journal Show

If you think the Search Engine Journal is a great resource, you wouldn’t want to miss their podcast. Hosted by Loren Baker, Danny Goodwin, and Brent Csutoras, The Search Engine Journal Show covers various discussions in digital marketing. As expected, most episodes talk about SEO, PPC, and Google. However, the podcast also touches on topics like content marketing, social media, and video marketing.

5. Exposure Ninja

This UK-based production has been around since 2016, but it remains to be one of the best podcasts about digital marketing in 2021. In Exposure Ninja, founder Tim Cameron-Kitchen talks about their clients’ digital marketing strategies for impressive growth. There are also episodes that feature interviews with digital marketing experts and thought leaders in PPC, SEO, conversion, and other related topics.

The bottom line

Listening to podcasts is a fantastic way to update your knowledge on the latest marketing trends and hear valuable insights and ideas from industry leaders, brand marketers, and business owners who have had their fair share of triumphs and losses.

Not only do you control when and where you want to have a listen. The impressive number of podcasts out there enables you to precisely customize the topics you want to hear about.

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