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4 Ways Remote Businesses Benefit From Online Fax Solutions

Traditional fax machines have become obsolete because of the risks that come with them. Many companies still need to learn about the benefits of online faxing. Still, they aren’t more accepting of this technology, even as work setups change.

These days, some companies have gone fully remote. Some office workers have even quit their jobs and transitioned into freelancers or businesses. The following are four advantages that online faxing can provide for remote enterprises or companies. 

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  • Quick Access To Documents

A physical fax machine can easily print a document. Naturally, you or the recipient will file, store, or discard the document’s physical copy and other copies. It’s a conventional method that requires a fax machine, paper supplies, and ink.

However, not all remote workers can access these supplies. If they do, these create unnecessary expenses and waste. They also waste more physical storage space for these supplies. This predicament is where online faxing services like eFax trumps sending faxes over fax machines. 

Online fax services only use the internet to send an electronic document to your recipient. You can directly access the document anytime and anywhere with a stable internet connection. Those with access to the document can also view it on a mobile device.

If your company has provided you with a mobile device, you can edit the document on the go. You can only lose files if you delete them, and the file sits safely in cloud storage.  

  • It Comes With Enhanced Security

Information is priceless in any industry, even small businesses, and should be confidential. This is especially true if you have financial transactions with customers as a small business.

Online faxing is more secure than emails and has proper security protocols for financial documents such as invoices and others containing clients’ financial information. In today’s digital landscape, businesses must also invest in cybersecurity measures to protect their data, regardless of the company’s size. 

Traditional faxing can endanger customer information and your business’s reputation. A data breach can occur wherever you are, especially if you print physical copies of documents. That’s also a good reason online faxing services can be beneficial. Most services or platforms come with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption so your documents have lightning-fast protection until it reaches the recipient.  

Online fax services also use other types of security, such as two-factor authentication and SSL. The service you choose may use one or two security technologies that you should use for extra safety.  

  • Cost-Effective For SMEs 

Even if you’re a starting small business or an established enterprise, one goal you should include is saving money while maintaining quality. Making financial decisions require careful considerations, especially if you’re a small independent remote business on a tight budget. One reason sending traditional faxes is obsolete is how costly supplies are. 

First, you’ll need a fax machine, and then you’ll have to get supplies for your machine. You’ll eat through reams of paper every month, especially if you have multiple departments.

On the other hand, you don’t even need paper if you switch to online faxing services. You’ll only pay a monthly fee for the service package you need. There’s no need to buy supplies and waste money you can allocate to product development or marketing ideas.

  • Eco-Friendly Option 

If you combine all the paper files of all industries, it’s hard to imagine how many trees they’ve cut down to produce the paper. Some experts said that only 10% of the earth’s rainforests will remain by 2030 and could disappear in a few hundred years.

Traditional fax uses paper that contributes to deforestation, which causes soil erosion and causes animals to lose homes. When repeated by many offices, printing documents for the mere need to sign them can contribute to irreversible environmental damage.

Opting for online faxing services saves you the trouble of using paper. You don’t need to print documents you won’t use in the future. You can also utilize electronic signatures if you need to sign a constant flow of documents. Reducing its carbon footprint is valuable for a small business to help care for the planet.  

Key Takeaways

Online fax services have a few benefits for your business, such as reducing your spending on fax machines, paper, or ink to view or send documents. You can view, edit, and share them with coworkers you are collaborating with without printing. 

Some online fax services even offer electronic signatures and enhanced security layers, perfect for financial documents. You’ll also be working with a service that allows you to be more environment friendly while saving money. It’s a service worth investing in for any business, conventional or remote.

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