4 Useful Tips For Getting More Members On Your Discord

Discord has become an increasingly popular platform for gamers and other online communities. Many people join the platform with its great features, but if you’re running your own server, you may struggle to get more members to join.

Growing a Discord community can be tricky, but with the right strategies and tactics, you can quickly attract more members and build a thriving community.

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Here are four tips to help you gain more members for your Discord server, or you can learn more at Whop Marketplace:

1. Leverage Discord Marketplaces

Discord marketplaces are a great way to promote your server and reach a larger audience. By putting your server in the marketplace, people searching for servers can easily find and join your server. Take advantage of this resource and maximize your chances of getting more members.

When creating your server icon, pick something eye-catching and exciting. An attractive server icon will make your server stand out and encourage people to join. You can also create a series of server icons representing different themes or topics related to your server.

Also, try and offer something unique. Whether it’s access to exclusive content, discounts, or contests, offering something unique can go a long way toward quickly growing your server. People love feeling like they have something special that others don’t, so take advantage of this by offering them something exclusive if they join your server.

2. Use Bots to Automate Tasks

Bots can be beneficial in automating tasks such as moderating conversations, welcoming new members, sending reminders, setting up polls, etc. Many bots are available depending on what kind of tasks you need to automate. Furthermore, many of these bots are free and easy to set up. Utilizing bots will help lighten the workload while ensuring your server remains organized and efficient.

3. Advertise Your Server In the Right Places

Advertising your server on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can give it the visibility it needs to attract new members. Targeting the right audience is important; for example, advertising a gaming server on a programming forum will likely do little good. Make sure you’re targeting the right crowd when promoting your server.

4. Create Engaging Content

Having exciting and engaging content will attract potential new members who may want to join because they find your content enjoyable. Try coming up with fun activities, polls, or discussion topics and posting them regularly. Additionally, responding quickly and actively to member questions and requests goes a long way toward creating an inviting environment.

Networking with other servers helps to increase exposure and draw attention to your Discord server. Try finding servers with similar interests and asking their admins if they would promote yours in exchange for the same treatment.

In Conclusion

Getting more members on your Discord is important to growing and engaging with your community. By following these four simple tips, you can quickly increase your Discord membership and start connecting with new people.

Take the time to actively promote your Discord server and make sure you are engaging with your current members. Give people a reason to join, and don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help. With the right strategy, you can easily expand your reach and get more people on board.

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