4 Tips How to Make a Better Life in 2019

Everybody had ever committed yourself to new year’s resolution, had not we? Although it has been a few weeks since the New Year, we would like to inspire you still to commit to one or two. The ones that would make your life better than it was last year.

There is not an universal answer for everyone, but let’s try to get the most out of it.

1. Self-Love – Learn to love yourself. self-love, self-esteem, but it does not mean narcissism or ego. Be able to be alone and still have joy. Friends and family are not the reason for your joy, they are here to share that joy with you. And that’s a big difference.

2. Partner life – Know your partner better. You say that you know him because you are with him for 20 years? I tell you, you do not know him like you could. Men and women are so different. Even if you think you understand the other, so you have only an idea how it can works in his/her head. You do not know what really takes place in it. I recommend reading the “Women of Venus, The Men of Mars”, and you will surely know more about the partner. Things of what you have never thought or noticed! Reading books that changes views of this world are the ones that everyone of us need. We need to get out of our “bubble” and see how things really works.

3. Experiences – Life is like a book, who does not travel and stay whole life in one country, one city, its like he is still reading the same page of the book. But this book has so many interesting pages, why not to look at them? Travel! It will open your eyes – you will not only find yourself in different situations that benefit from your self-esteem, but it will make you stronger, more tolerant and more joyful person! Different cultures, national treasures, new friends, …all beautiful things waiting for you to be discovered. It is easy to travel the world and also the US from Europe now, just get ESTA permission and stay for 90 days! You don’t need a visa anymore. So lets enjoy your holidays, free days and have some time for yourself. People who travel alone often say they finally had time to discover their needs, their thoughts and found the aim of their life. New experiences brings you new opinions and that’s why you are able to make better decisions.

4. Be EKO friendly! – We are not the last generation in this world, so do not behave like you do not worry if this planet would survive next hundred years! Think about our children and grandchildren, what will we leave them? Just polluted air, oceans full of waste and summers with record high temperatures? They will wondered why we were so stupid and did not make the necessary changes when there was still time to? There are only a few giants who exploit and enrich themselves to the detriment of the billions of new population. 

We hope that we inspired you to take action and that you will commit to the resolution of making this year much better too! We wish you beautiful all year round 2019.

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