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4 Tips For Marketing in Competitive Industries

Posted: September 2, 2019 at 5:49 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Marketing and advertising are tough as it is. But when you’re trying to figure out how to create market share in a competitive industry, it can feel impossible to get people’s attention. You have to get creative to find out how to dig into people’s psyches so that you create value for them, and in return, you get attention.

The tips that you can follow may depend on the industry that you’re in. Law offices and individual attorneys have to advertise in very competitive fields – there are specific companies that you can work with to help you. Everyone in a competitive industry needs to understand how to use social media for branding. 

Advertisers and promoters should study what makes things go viral to use elements of that in their work and projects. And no matter what, you should avoid the race to the bottom, because once you get there, you’ll never get back out.

Law Offices and Attorneys

Consider the extremely competitive realm of advertising online for law offices and attorneys. Lawyers generally are selling the same thing to the public – they need to promote themselves as being experts who you can trust. If everybody is trying to advertise on that same platform, how do you figure out how to stand out? 

One thing that you can do is use lawyer search engine optimization best practices. This is a very niche service, but it is one you can use very effectively.

Using Social Media

These days, you can’t separate marketing from using social media for business. Don’t even bother trying to resist it. See what market leaders do and follow their lead online. Look for people that are making mistakes, and avoid the behaviors that they participate in. 

Social media landscapes are constantly changing right now, so someone has to be in charge of picking up on the latest trends and trying to use them appropriately to gain engagement with potential clients. In competitive industries, you must play this game.

Understanding Virality

Have you ever researched what it takes to make a post go viral? There are millions of articles written about it. But because of the intriguing nature of virality, there isn’t a plan that you can always follow. 

As a professional marketer, what you need to do is figure out what the elements are that make the most sense in context with your professional needs, and massage the details until you have a best guess. Then it’s just a matter of brute force trying to get the right thing promoted at the right time.

Avoiding the Race To the Bottom

Something to avoid as a marketer is a race to the bottom. You don’t want to have the cheapest product or service out there. It’s a bad place to be, especially in a competitive industry. Some other brand will figure out a way to subsidize their prices, and once they undercut you, not only are you not making a profit, but you’re losing money because you have dropped the quality of your output.

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