4 Places to Advertise Your Brand in the Midwest

If you’re interested in boosting your potential customer base, the midwest is not a bad place to host your next big ad campaign. But what cities are the best for advertising your brand? What factors should you look at when you’re trying to select the locations that make the most sense for your company? Would investing in Kansas City billboards be better than billboards in Indianapolis, for example?

No matter your goals, you’re in the right place if you want to advertise your brand, product, or services somewhere in the midwest. We’ve compiled a few of our top recommendations for your next advertising campaign, including some of the reasons why we think these cities make the most sense. If this sounds like it would be helpful for you and your marketing team, please continue reading for our full breakdown and top picks.

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Try Kansas City Billboards in Missouri

One of our favorite midwestern cities to recommend for new ad campaigns? Kansas City billboards would be an excellent investment of your resources and attention. While the city is technically in Missouri, it actually borders several states and gets high traffic from businesses and consumers alike. This means trying ads in this area, such as a handful of Kansas City billboards, might make a significant impact for you and your business.

Kansas City billboards would give you access to a large population of residents and visitors, including those who commute into the area for work. Not only does this allow you to access a significant number of individuals, but it also allows you to advertise to a pretty diverse population. Individuals from several states, residents, and commuters heading into the city can all be an asset, ensuring you’re getting a return on your investment and growing your brand’s awareness quickly and steadily.

Billboards in Chicago, Illinois

We also recommend trying to advertise in Chicago, Illinois. One of the more populated cities in the midwest, this is an excellent option if you’re trying to gain access to a diverse population and a large number of individuals. These people are most likely in the area because Chicago is a college town, offers creative jobs and flexible fields of work to many individuals, and several other helpful reasons.

If you’re planning to advertise in Chicago, we suggest you research some of the potential landmarks and where your target customer group is most likely to visit. For example, if you’re trying to market a product or service to college students in particular, don’t be afraid to mention how it would be helpful to them. Will it help them study? Make time for friends? Save money for coffee? Deeply consider the audience that will see your billboard advertisements, and you’ll surely give your campaign a boost toward your goals and overall success.

Place Ads in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re interested in spreading the word about your brand in the midwest, you may also want to place ads in Columbus, Ohio. This is also a large city in terms of population, giving you access to almost one million sets of eyes from residents. That number doesn’t include visitors who will likely head into the city for work and other urban and suburban highlights.

This is also a fantastic location to target if you’re looking for a diverse audience. The city has numerous colleges and universities, drawing in college students and creatives in droves. Columbus also has a culture based on innovation, art, and technology. This means it’s constantly growing, helping to build brand awareness each year you hold your campaign in this area.

Billboards for Minneapolis, Minnesota

There’s also plenty of potential in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This city is perfect for your next ad campaign, depending on your target demographics for the product or services you’re trying to market. Historically, the city is innovative and forward-thinking, so don’t be afraid to do your research and feature some of the aspects that make Minneapolis unique.

Minneapolis is home to pop-up toasters, the bundt pan, and even the Honeycrisp Apple. These are impressive moves forward, so don’t be afraid to take your innovative products and services to this lovely city and showcase them to its residents and visitors.

The city also features 22 lakes, making it a great draw for visitors and vacationers, in addition to over 400,000 residents. Don’t be afraid to feature your relaxing and self-care-oriented ideas in this city, as they’ll certainly draw interest and new customers toward your brand.


If you want to advertise in the midwest, there are numerous cities we can recommend. While each city is unique and likely requires further research before you make a final decision, there is plenty of potential you should explore. Don’t be afraid to expand your customer base and access this fantastic population of innovators and creatives.

Whether you invest in Kansas City billboards or ad campaigns in Columbus, Ohio, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your next marketing plans. If you’re interested in building your brand to its fullest potential, we hope you found our suggestions helpful and that you can make final decisions shortly.

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