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4 Industries Potentially Growing During Covid-19

Posted: April 17, 2020 at 2:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Businesses around the world have been rocked by the Covid-19 virus in a way few predicted. Many companies lost all potential revenue the day lockdown was enforced. Some have been forced to make redundancies, take loans out and even wind up. Like any crisis, there is opportunity and some industries have seen significant interest due to lockdown measures put in place.

Cyber Security

Many companies are having to adapt and implement remote working. With this, come risks to their data. Whilst many companies are looking to save costs, cyber security is an area they will be looking to make savings. Hackers will be looking to exploit workplace disruption and systems that are not yet fine-tuned to having everyone work at home. There is too much at stake for businesses to take shortcuts on systems and security, just look at the NHS and their digital breach in 2018.

Online Gambling

With the halting of sports, recreational gamblers are likely to turn to online gambling for their favourite pastime. There are numerous forms including bingo, blackjack and online poker. With sites offering incentives like no deposit bonuses, many will turn their head toward online gambling. There are tools available to help if you do go online to gamble, like a poker cheat sheet. If you give it a try, please remember to gamble responsibly.


With everyone indoors for the foreseeable, streaming services like YouTube and Disney + are enjoying record numbers with Disney + subscriptions doubling. This industry was popular enough already but now we are homebound, people are ensuring they catch up on their favourite shows and watch the new movies that are not being released at the cinema.

Computer Software

Soon as lockdown was enforced, the first thing people bought was food and essentials like toilet roll. After that, they turned to electronics, like laptops, printers and games consoles. After food necessities, people want to be entertained so it’s no surprise that online retailers like Dixons generated 72% year on year increase in online sales in March 2020. 

Final Thoughts

Most industries are suffering right now, there is no escaping that. It is encouraging to think we are all in it together though and hoping to survive this period of uncertainty. There are industries that can gain from Covid-19, take advantage of the new isolated world we are living in. In addition to the industries mentioned, there are others with potential to grow including online education and web conferencing software. The key to surviving this storm and coming out the other side is adapting and evolving. If you can evolve your business so it still meets your client’s needs than you will be able to take advantage of opportunities after Covid-19. 

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