4 Best Truck Maintenance Software To Use In 2022

Everything in today’s era is getting digitised. It is possible to sit a hundred miles away and yet get delivered a guitar from the other corner of the globe in just some days. No industry was able to resist this rapid advancement in technology, and took it to their advantage.

Even the transport and logistics industry was not able to not resist using  technically advanced software for the many services they offer. Truck maintenance software is one such great technologically designed aid used to track the live locations of trucks or drivers, and in scheduling maintenance.

Truck maintenance software encompasses characteristics that assist one in complying with the less-priced hardware installed in one’s automobiles, phone’s applications and a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution. One is enabled to trace the maintenance of their vehicles, get the servicing record of each unit in their business and guarantee that a driver is on the right route.

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What To Look For In A Truck Maintenance Software

  • Look for the cost of the software. Check if you could get your hands set on a free trial of the software and choose those packs that offer more credit than the others.
  • Check out for its regular features. The feature to trace the live location of a driver or all the drivers, ability to trace servicing record and documents management.
  • Get a truck managing software that is easy to utilize and is nor made for only technological geeks but can also be used by technologically average people.
  • Look for the software’s reviews from its existing users and try to decide which one to buy only then.

4 Best Truck Maintenance Softwares

  1. AUTOsist is one of the most used and most recommended software that comes with almost all the features one expects to come with a truck maintenance software. The software is available for both android and iOS users.  The price is amazing. For a single vehicle the software can be used for absolutely free and costs $59/month for five vehicles.
  2. Fleetio is the next best fleet maintenance software. The software is best for businesses that are small sized. It offers a feature to trace the locations of various automobiles at a time. It costs $5 for one vehicle if paid annually. If one wants to go for the monthly subscription, one pays $25 for a minimum of five vehicles.
  3. The next in the list is Rhino Fleet Tracking software. You can get the software customized as per your needs and the prices would depend on the number of features selected.
  4. Onfleet is the best vehicle maintenance software for small businesses. The software costs $49 a month. In case you add more features to the software you will have to pay some extra money.


Having checked the list of the best four truck management softwares, make sure you take your time to think which one suits your needs the most appropriately. Since you are paying for it, make sure you choose the most appropriate one for the business.

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