4 Best Free Cloud Storage Methods In 2021

The main obstacle you will face when choosing cloud storage for your business is deciding on the method that works best for you. This primarily depends on the type of documentation you will be saving, who you will be sharing it with, and how secure it needs to be. There are several options to choose from and each of them has its pros and cons! 

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You will also need to consider moving your data over to the cloud storage you pick. If you already have lots of data saved, you will need to use a service with cloud migration strategies to help you move everything from the host into the cloud, without changing any code. A migration strategy can also pinpoint opportunities to help your business evolve in the long term and reduce costs. To take full advantage of what the cloud can offer, it’s wise to use a migration strategy to outline potential cloud transformation. But firstly, you need to consider the method of storage that is right for you. 

  1. Private Cloud Storage

Private cloud storage is used for companies or individuals, it’s the safest method of cloud storage out there and consequently is becoming very popular. When security and privacy are key to your company’s ethics, it’s crucial to make sure all your documents, files and images are protected in a system that cannot be hacked. There is no point in risking hijacking, especially if you have lots of client details or private documentation on your database. 

  1. Public Cloud Storage 

As you can probably guess, public cloud storage can be viewed by the public. Unlike private cloud storage, it’s less protected and therefore has more risks of data hacking or hijacking. The infrastructure and resources in public cloud storage are shared, this is helpful for companies that don’t hold private information that is for their eyes only. 

  1. Hybrid Cloud Storage 

Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of private and public and is commonly used by financial institutions, such as banks for the mixture of details that need to be saved. For example, clients’ card details would need to be stored privately, while their data might be less secretive, and therefore saved to public cloud storage. 

  1. Community Cloud Storage

Companies with different departments sharing information can benefit from using community cloud storage. Online communities within the workplace might have an overlay in job roles and need to share information and save details to community storage. For businesses with big teams that work remotely, community cloud storage can be a lifesaver, everyone can go to one place and expect to find the same information. 

With 4 options to choose from, we hope this has helped you define exactly what you need when it comes down to the cloud storage method. If you’re still wondering about the best free cloud storage method for you, it’s worth doing some more research and perhaps investing in a paid subscription if you have a large team. 

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