3 Ways To Get More People Interested In Your Podcast

If you’re starting a new podcast that you’d love to get a big audience for, you’ll likely have to put in more work than just recording your own thoughts and posting them to a podcast platform. Just like with any business venture or content creation, if you want people to follow along with you, you’ve got to find ways to get in front of them and make your products irresistible. 

To help you see how this can be done, here are three ways to get more people interested in your podcast. 

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Get Guests That People Want To Hear From

When you’re just starting out with your own podcast, people likely won’t have heard of you, so your own name might not get a lot of recognition. But if you’re able to meet or contact others that you might want to have as guests on your podcast, this could be a great way to leverage their followings and get listeners to pay attention to at least one of your podcasts. 

To find people that might prove to be great guests on your podcast, try to think about who is relevant to the topics you’re talking about each week. You don’t have to seek out the biggest celebrities to help make your podcast grow. Even doing things like attending trade shows related to your industry could help you find people that could add a lot of value to your podcast and bring some of their followers to you. 

Get On Other People’s Podcasts

In addition to seeking out people to be on your podcast with you, you can also look for opportunities for you to be a guest on someone else’s podcast

This situation can work great to bring new followers to your podcast if the podcast you’re being a guest on has a slightly different audience makeup than yours. This way, brand new people will be hearing from you and learning to appreciate what you have to say and your take on certain topics. Just make sure you prepare yourself for these guest appearances so that you make a great impression both on your host and on their audience. 

Create A Community Around Your Content

With podcast listeners today, most appreciate more than just having a podcast that they can be a casual listener to. What they really want is a place where they can feel a sense of community. And as a podcaster, you can work to give this to them. 

To create this sense of community, consider sharing insights from your listeners on your podcast so that they can hear from each other. You can also set up social media channels where your followers can connect on their own and share their love of your content with others. 

If you want to see your new podcast really take off with your target audience, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you see how this can be accomplished.

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